miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2020

Teams Based on Mutual Trust

After listening to this interview by Simon Sinek, I was able to see one thing: If we have got to this point in history in which a bunch of people have managed to take over the entire world, it´s simply because they built networks of relationships based on mutual trust. Money obviously is the driving factor, the point that influence the relationships and the agreements, we mutually trust in money as a God that dictates the rules, as it is the golden the rule the one we will never question. Talent is a plus, but it´s not really that important, as long as there is money, you can hire the talent, and get their abilities to make them work for your dreams, your fantasies and desires; and certainly if we were in their place, we would have done exactly the same, cause nothing could have ever turned out like this, if we all didn´t agreed on the one thing that we will never question: Money. And if it wasn´t for their willingness to work and cooperate between each other no matter what, and our unwillingness to focus on something more than our self centered ambitions, and to forgive and put aside our interests to come to an agreement what has given the few the power over the majority, we are divided and separated already from within ourselves and between each other.

I must say that, this point of "mutual trust", it´s something that deeply confused me and even made me angry towards Desteni, as the message had from the very beginning this subtle warning that stated: "Don´t trust anyone, and don´t trust Desteni". Yes, I can see how within me I wanted and expected to be able to rely on other people, to alleviate the charge within me, but the reality is that, no one is responsible for the cross that I put on myself with the very consequences that I have created throughout my life, cause I haven´t got to this point of really living "self trust". My very fear of myself has controlled every aspect of my life through all this years, and it isn´t until now that I begin to realize it, unfortunately through the same way that I have gotten to this point of my life = through consequences. 

And a question that emerges and keeps emerging is: How much time I have wasted on all of this and how much is going to take me to get out of all of it? Am I even able to make it in this life? That´s why I wanted so bad to place myself and my future on something that I was able to rely on, without realizing that it was precisely through that thought, that idea and desire of having something or someone to rely on that I became a follower of opinions and in the end I didn´t liked where I ended up, because I didn´t knew where the fuck the others were going in the first place, and the worst is that I didn´t asked, I didn´t dared to ask, because I didn´t wanted to question the idea that I made in my mind about it all, but instead of trusting myself, I kept hearing only to other people and my voice became only a vote for other people voices...

Throughout my life, this action of expecting and waiting (because it´s an action based on the inaction towards my own responsibility) for the answer that will lead me to solve my life, and in that way I took the words of B and S, and I tried to use them as the only guide, the problem is that even if I tell to myself "only follow this" I can´t prevent my mind from making a perception about the words that were said, and within this I only looped myself into my self centered ideas. And getting to this point of accepting that even when the perspectives and sharings might be really cool and really supportive, at the very end, I am only going to be able to make a path of my own when I start to answer my own questions, even towards all of that which seemed unquestionable to me, as one always have to still live one´s own unique life and apply the knowledge and info into the specific event and, for instance if one compares that to the words of Jesus in a way, his words (as it happened with a lot of amazing beings before them) has always been here, but they are simply not applied, they are not lived and directed in the very decision of being the "living word" which for me translates as: Creating the experience of myself through the lens of this words, or seeing my life as if already living the principle thats inherent in the words. Living this particular individual expression of the life that I am as a human being through the words/principles that´s based on those words by themselves"

Because, even thou B and S might have gotten to a point where they integrated this words in themselves, that doesn´t mean that they were not and still are walking and struggling with parts of themselves and their processes as the rest of us. I do believe that words like "God" has been one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted designs on my life, because it has been part of the whole "waiting for a savior" and waiting for someone to tell me what to do with my life, because according to this whole idea "I wasn´t the designer of myself" someone else did it for me, just as our parents and society tell us all the time "What´s the right behaviour and the right answer" and so one expects to eventually sit at the right of the father, cause we did everything right, right? Till we get to a point in life where we get so dizzy for going in circles and repeating the same cycles and mistakes over and over again that, you know, one do gets to question: what could have happen if I did it on this other way? You know, what about the left? Oh no, those fuckers are conspiracy theorists, they are going to tell you that religion and governments are a scam and are trying to manipulate us, don´t put to much attention into that (type of thing). Don´t worry I am just kidding, we know that right and left tend to be very much a part of the same scam in many ways.

It´s ironic in a way cause if I was designed and created and MANufactured by this being that is Perfect, but at the same time I see all this flaws in me and in the world, while at the same time we are told over and over again that all of this abuse we are living is done for a reason... well, to be honest I would like to see the Pope and all of those who preach for such believes to go out to the street with their eyes closed at every moment, like when they cross a sidewalk or without their personal guards and security, and let´s see if they have such a deep faith on Gods plan, because who are they to question it anyways? Just kidding again ;) 

This desire of "being able to "trust" someone/something, and like blindingly follow it to the end of my life, it´s kind of funny in a way, because on this regard, it´s like I expect to being able to never make any mistakes at all if I simply go and follow this, and whoever comes into my life and do ask me and question "Why have I decided for 10 years to be and stand with the Desteni message" (just as Simon Sinek makes the same point about entering the army) I can simply give the "rational answer" and repeat this formula over and over again of: "To help to make a change in this world, within the principles of Oneness and Equality and bring a world that is best for all" Ok yeah! There are a whole ton of groups already repeating and even abusing the same words, but why Desteni? Because they were the only ones who really had the balls to speak from the very beginning about the real state and condition of the world, and giving a message that´s quite crude on what this process is really all about, and they didn´t created any expectation on "beautiful ideas of love and light" to make it look as something that is isn´t. And I took the decision of standing with them because I was so tired of living a lie out of myself in a life that didn´t made any sense to me, that all that I wanted when I found Desteni, was to be able to find something that was worthy to fight and stand for, which was something that was bigger than myself... 

Or as Anu says: Why are you walking this process? Because if I wasn´t, I don´t really know what I would still be doing alive in this world, I mean, sure I know what I would be doing, but at the same time I know where that leads me and I don´t really want to go that way, I mean surely I could have very cool experiences if I went through that path without questioning it at all, but at the end, would I be able to get to the end of this life and be ok with what I did with my opportunity? Or should I say what I didn´t did with it? I mean, to be brutally honest, I don´t even know how the path with the American Indians would make any sense to me, as I am living it today from its very unique starting point that I am living it, if it wasn´t for this process in itself.

In that regards, I can say that this process it´s not about trusting others, or what others are doing or living within and as this process, but how I decide to approach and live this process. Otherwise how could we "build any mutual trust" if every time that something goes wrong in my life I can blame THEM in the moment something goes doesn´t come as I expect it or want it to result, to be experienced or manifested, cause I don´t see myself "improving" at doing that which they told me I was supposed to do or be good at? 

The decision to stand together, comes from that... inner call that´s deeper than our beliefs, ideas, cultures, education, knowledge or whatever you wanna call it... at the very end. If we are unable to forgive and let go those things that divide us, then yes, we are just wasting our life here writing blogs and making videos.

At the very end I do believe that I am able to be grateful for that, even if I eventually decided to walk in other way, the very foundation that I learned from Desteni will always be a part of this life/this expression that is me. Nothing is sure on this life, not at this point in how it exists...

I will continue in the next post