martes, 7 de julio de 2020

The Secret to make your SALES improve at 1000% during this times of Quarantine!

A point that I was looking recently, even thou I didn´t shared it previously, as my realization and response to it came first in a reaction of "Anger" towards the very "unworkability" of the current Covid situation, because it doesn´t matter if I run out to scream this fact to the people out there, it´s imposible that I get to change the "addictions, fears and points of consumption of the society as a whole by myself, as that it´s a decision each one does in their day to day living

As I saw this picture in relation to the pattern that the BTC currency (and how it also looks in relation to the volatility and movement of other currencies based on Fiat, like Gold and Silver), I was remembering a very old class that I took along the career of visual communication, while we were digging into the history of some of the most liked and consumed brands of cigarettes in Mexico.

There is a pretty common understanding that you are able to get when you deal with this whole "Neuro-Marketing" concept, which is nothing but manipulating the same codes and pictures that the people it´s already using to manipulate themselves, and that is: Our entire Economy it´s based on peoples emotional reactions to certain situations (and more likely, if you place the situation for them on a picture that they can react, so that you are able to get them to that point to buying into your stuff, lol)

Here is the basics of an "Insight"

"An innate behavior that you had no record of doing it. Definitely, the insight is what discovers things about you that you had not even stopped to think about. In the world of advertising, finding good insights is vital to the success of campaigns. An insight is a true revelation of the consumer. (And more specifically it´s something that the consumer doesn´t know about him/herself) In other words: An insight in marketing, comes as the result of applying human thought and reasoning to analyzed data, searching for and producing a directional change is the way we think or the way we act. (or should we say, that you know that human beings are going to react to the pictures that you are going to present to them LOL)

So, getting back to the history of the advertisements and the publicity of Cigarettes.

If you go back a little bit into your own childhood, you surely remember how "Normal" it was to find advertisements exposed all around the public area, and how common it was to not only find them on the bus stops or the big street spectaculars, but you also had it on the TV at your home, in your cinemas (some of you may even had the chance of living at the time when you were allowed to smoke inside the cinema with the movie being played and everything).

As the time went by, and some brands like "Marlboro" began to attain so much power in the market, that they began to take out smaller brands, interestingly enough some "clinical studies" began to arise in relation to the relation of "smoking with the development of lung Cancer", the debates were extended for more than 40 years, around to proof this simple and singular relation "Smoking is directly related to lung Cancer"... it´s interesting because, the amount of time that the brands will fight trying to "go around and proof the studies wrong", wasn´t for them as important, as to not allow other brands to generate the most important thing that you want to create in your consumers: "LOYALTY/FIDELITY" to YOUR BRAND...  through what? The possibility of advertising themselves as openly and directly to the public as the new emerging brands (which were left out of the competition once that the debates around the Health problems connected to the consumption of tobacco got to that point where people was skeptical enough to believe that the Cancer was caused by the tobacco and not by themselves and their own thoughts and believes into it, through what? Their own hate for smoking/giving up into their own self-deception)

After 40 years, when finally the main tobacco  industries decided to "not fight the argument anymore", they already created such a dependency to their product through their derivatives like "Nicotine", their publicity and advertisements where Legally pushed out from EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC SPACE conceivable, at the exception of "Your local stores", in which the main and most liked brands are displayed in front of the cash register, with this beautiful lighten colors (which hold the purpose of selling the perception of clean space/that´s why Hospitals are mainly white, and keep other colors like "blue" on the "waiting area for the family members")

But they added this pictures to the boxes of the Cigarettes. I don´t know if in your countries it has been also the chase guys (here in Panama and in Mexico they got quite creative with them)

This kind of "pictures" wheren´t really part of the new... let´s call it "legal advertisement conditions". I mean, YES they were forced to mention in the boxes this relation of "This product it´s directly related to the development of Cancer and this disease, and this consequences, etc.), but the brands got a new way to be "more creative" about how they would portray the "consequences of smoking" in their boxes.

From aborted fetuses, to Lungs full of Cancers, women with cut breasts... I mean, a little bit of everything and anything that could displayed the "picture of Death and Disease"

Amazingly enough... the sells of the brands, didn´t went down or low at ALL, in fact they managed to quintuply their sells...

The reason? Let´s get back to the concept of "Insight" > The reality of what the people didn´t knew, or at least what they didn´t wanted to accept about themselves, is that they all want to fucking DIE, within themselves, that´s why we can feel this "burden, this TIREDENESS, to the very experience of Life and Living", which is actually not a Tiredness to Life, but to the very routine we are forced into, which creates our very experience of "Hating our Lifes"

Now, getting back to the main picture. If you remember the very first pictures that we were receiving about this Virus, where that of what? A very Bad Disease that was going to Kill and Doom us ALL. And after the notice of: We are going to get into a Lockdown, the very first thing that ran out in the stores was what? Toilet Paper! (Among other things also) LOL

The Economy it´s all "relationships and interaction between people who buy into a certain emotion, a certain feeling"

And what is fascinating about this data that I was trying to "connect" and bring together it´s the fact that, the reason why the people began to buy and actually SMOKE MORE when those pictures where placed into the boxes of the Cigarettes, it´s because WE TRUST AND ARE LOYAL to this Brands because they have managed to actually show us clearly how we feel, and WHAT WE FEAR... which is the reality about ourselves "WE HATE OURSELVES" and we know we are already developing those nasty feelings and those nasty and bad diseases that are killing us from within.

But it´s just as, by the very fat that they are SHOWING US this pictures, we agree and give our Loyalty into the brand as an act of SUICIDE. 

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” - Nietzsche-

We are fascinated by the abyss, and the very experience of our "Vertigo" show us what? We jump into it, as the very TRUTH that we are just unable to DENY about ourselves, once that it is shown to US... and that´s why we are relying into this brand to which we give our LOYALTY and FIDELITY... why? Because we TRUST, in that, as they are showing us this reality about ourselves, they also hold THE SOLUTION to the inner pain, which is what? The experience of RELEASE you get, when you SMOKE...

So first, the people "trust" the pictures that were sent to them, by their governments and the companies that are telling them "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE from this COVID-19" go out and buy everything you can, before it´s too late...

What is fascinating about this "connections" that I am trying to make here amongst and between this pictures is that. If you look at the "marketing" of the entire Pandemic... everything looks a little bit "White" wouldn´t you say? The perception of Cleanness and Sterilization

I mean, it’s just as if the people wearing all of this full suits and masks and everything were saying: Yeah man! Tell me I am dying and that I am about to die!!! That’s what I fucking want!! Give me a way out of this fucking reality (of myself) that I hate so much!!! LOL

This picture surely looks a little bit different now isn´t it?

After the "effect" and paradox of the momentarily happiness arrives with the act of Buying, of Consuming of Acquiring, the temporarily solution, you are back into the most simple reality: "You are not saved, because NO ONE is able to SAVE YOU, from YOURSELF"

That´s why the act of buying it´s considered an Addiction in itself, because it´s directly linked to the stimuli of people to get that "quick fix" of the mind, that they call Happiness, but it´s not Happiness, it´s just Dopamine, Serotonin and you know, the Natural "Pain Killers" of the body...

After Extreme Greed, which ONLY comes After Extreme Fear, the cycle repeats, OVER AND OVER AGAIN....

What they have done in this last months, it´s far from Clever, it´s absolutely Brilliant... from a Marketing and Publicity perspective obviously... I mean, this isn´t something that they didn´t knew or that haven´t been doing previously to this Pandemic; that´s just how Marketing has always worked, it´s just that, they found the perfect Formula to get the biggest amount of Sales, in the shorter period of time...

I mean what Salesman and Visual Communicator wouldn´t dream about making all of this Sales possible for the brand they work for?

Maybe we should look into who is directing the COVID-19 new sales propaganda for masks and Alcohol ;)