viernes, 22 de febrero de 2019

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1163, My perspective and path on drugs and the "Sacred Medicines" (Ayahuasca, Peyote, Bufo Alvarius) pt1

What I am going to share here is the first part of my whole path in the road of the use of drugs and the so called "Sacred Medicines"; I want to be as specific and open and intimate as I am able to in relation to the use of any form of substances, drugs or even the so called "Sacred Medicines". And understand that I don´t share this to extend any critic or judgment to any of this substances, I do this as an expression of the principle "Making love real" to help with this perspective to whoever wants and needs clarity is in a situation where they don´t know exactly what to do with regards to this point, and that they might require professional support to find and create a path for themselves, but that they might need to first get out of the very substances that imprisons them... 

Throughout my life I have experienced with many different substances, from MJ, ecstasy and LSD, to Ayahuasca, Peyote, Mushrooms and even Bufo Alvarius, the only one that I didn´t and surely I will not take the risk of trying is the Amanita Muscaria, as the exceed of 3 grams can induce a coma that will leave you as a nice potato and more than that leads directly to Death.

I believe that throughout our lifes, we always have a very defined "formation" which comes from the "information" of the system in which we live and exist, from this formation we establish the I (eye), which is the definition of how we see, move and live accordingly in this world, and what every single of this substances does, from the so called "lighter ones to the stronger ones", is that its not that the substance gives you anything per se, as all that this substances does is to make and accelerate your brain to generate the chemicals (dopamine endorphins and serotonin) which are the real substances that leads to such states, from "peace and creativity" to deep states of hallucination and trance in which comes this apparent and so called "experience of our higher beings that are connected to the entire Universe"; what actually happens is that you only get an experience of this "I (EYE)" that is different, that is "another" and that´s it... it´s only another vision of yourself in the "normal/common train of thoughts", but fairly enough an experience that doesn´t makes justice to the true potential that we are able to reach within ourselves and as humanity.

So what happens after the use of such substances, is that we begin to "explore" this vision of what we believe is our "true potential", but what you are not taking into consideration within such experiences is that the only thing that one is seeing in such states is a very small alternative vision from the "normal torrent of thoughts" that we have in our day to day, and the very impulse of such substances are the ones that leads us into those roads that makes us believe that we are seeing something greater... it is not, it´s just that you went deeply into the meditation, reasoning and experience of a point that one didn´t explored properly being "conscious", because of that normal train of thoughts and day to day experiences of hurry, preoccupation, worry, anxiety and so on, that doesn´t allows us (because we don´t give a moment to ourselves) to see, like in those moments of taking the very substance and drug, in which we are actually preparing ourselves to "relax and go deeply into the observation of very particular aspects of our lifes and processes", but the thing is that if one only, I mean if one truly manage and commits to create such moments for ourselves daily, one would be able to go beyond the very limited experiences that such substances give, which is nothing but a suppression and abuse of ourselves, our bodies, our lifes and those around us.

Yes granted as some people have expressed above, there are people who program their minds to "not have thoughts" running in your head during such states, but that doesn´t mean that the drug is doing it for you, it is you doing it for yourself, and this is the most important point of all that I want to bring here: In every single experience that I have ever had, is that what I was seeing in such states of "clarity, deepness, joy, and so on" was actually only what one is able to create for oneself, a little version that one is able to explore and that already exists within oneself. I can say this without fear of being wrong, that those states, such as in Ayahuasca, are not different of what one is able to achieve with a true process of writing in self honesty and self intimacy that YES it´s going to take you more than one night of 5 hours in such state, but one is able to get there if one commits enough with oneself and the difference is that, after the hard work this will not just evaporate at the next week as it happens every single time, after every single drug that always returns oneself to the same fucking bullshit of the mind and the day to day life... One is able to resolve and find a TRUE SOLUTION if one faces it directly and faces it for REAL! Something for which I am infinitely in debt with the process of Desteni, as they have served as the very primary axis, the steering wheel of this vehicle that we call the body and the mind, that always has allowed me to return even from experiences in which I do thought for moments that I would loose myself infinitely in whatever belief, idea or experience that at the very end was just a suppression of my true self and potential.

There are people who I personally know, who have drink and lived in the path of the "Sacred medicines" in such states for as far as 14 years drinking Ayahuasca, Peyote and a lot more of substances that I cannot even recall, and they are still working with the same things that they haven´t solved for themselves. The clarity that they had and reach has vanished, and they even recognize by themselves that they know less and feel more diminished than they used to be before going to and with such substances. Yet, please don´t misunderstand what I am sharing here, most of them also share that, in their lifes they where in a point of addiction to other drugs like alcohol, meth, crystal and so on, where they then lead themselves into such experiences to be able to release themselves from the addictions to the first and most destructive substances, to leave behind such lifes that to this day would have already kill them or lead them to kill someone else...

My conclusion to this first part of this experiences that I want to share and expand on from my very limited perspective (as it is as limited as it is only a personal view of one life that has walked through this paths for a very short time) is that you don´t have to go and take any drug to find and release your true potential, by the contrary, you will only find at the end that you only loosed time and money realizing something that you could have and you already knew the answer deep within you, but ok, you had to go and place yourself into such experiences to see how fucked up one is until one decides to change it, and at the same time I do believe that this substances can be a form of support that can and most be used by professionals in very specific situations and circumstances.

At the exception of the most common drugs (which I also don´t recommend, as they are only the first and apparently lighter version of the same suppression), If you are going to go ad experience with any of this substances I would not recommend to anyone to ever EVER EVER take or drink or do alone any of this substances if one is not even aware of the power and movement that they carry within them and that they would release within you!!!! When I tested out this substances I made it with people who have lived and do the ceremonies for a very long time, there is always the need of someone who at least knows how to bring you back or stabilize yourself in moments where you can be going into dimensions that you then don´t have a fucking iota of how to bring yourself back... this substances yes are used to give "therapy", but as the Shamans and Marakames also advert and warn: This substances can be used to Heal or to Kill, someone who goes and plays with them as if they were for recreation to only find an experience of "fun" can mostly get lost in processes that they are then not be able to return of, and they get lost in the trip as they said.

No drug will ever bring a true solution for humanity, they have existed since Humanity was able to discover them and there are records of ceremonies with substances such as Ayahuasca from 3000 thousands years ago, and it hasn´t changed our human nature since then, nevertheless and speaking a little bit in defense of the people who knows how to use them, there is a fundamental and important difference in the way of life of the people who really know and have worked with such substances for a lot of years that is reflected on how they take care of the environment and the people around them, honoring the vision spite they say and recognize it´s impossible to know by certainty what life is, at the difference of those who only take drugs for "fun" and that do it in parties without having any respect for themselves or the people around them, yet they themselves say that when one takes a "SACRED MEDICINE" one has to HEAL oneself twice, one from that which is destroying oneself and the other from the medicine itself, because as with all substances, you can not remain in the TRIP forever, not even in this LIFE as this trip ends with DEATH, sooner or later, it comes up and depends only from self...

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"I commit myself, to through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application – assist and support myself to land my plane as the Mind gently/securely back into and as the physical-body equality and oneness space and time as Breath. As I see/realise/understand that my Mind/Plane controls/systems had become automated – I as the Pilot of and as me as the Mind have to take control of the systems, which I do through walking ONE POINT at a time, ONE SYSTEM/PROGRAM/BUTTON at a time, to first get to know how the Plane/Mind in fact works that I had accepted and allowed to become automated, and through writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application as getting to know the Mind/Plane, align the controls/systems to eventually land the entire Plane/Mind into and as earth/the Physical-Body, as I will descend slowly but surely from the Heights of quantum-time, back into and as my Physical-Body equality and oneness space and time.

I commit myself, to through writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application, assist and support myself to – simultaneously as I am walking my descend from the heights of my mind as Energy, into and as physical equality and oneness here, assist and support myself to see through the eyes of the physical-body, to see through the eyes of and as this physical-existence, in seeing/realising/understanding the consequential relationship between my Mind and the Physical and this World-System of Money to this Physical-Existence.
Where, practically – I assist and support me to walk as Breath in and as physical space/time HERE, and in and as breath – no more accept and allow myself to fly high in separation from my body/this physical-existence, using/abusing my body/reality to serve only my interest of energy accumulation. But SEE how I can assist and support myself to in fact LIVE HERE, grounded and stable with my physical-body through and as LIVING WORDS, and so ground/stabilize myself to walk into and as the World-System of Money and SEE how I can assist and support the change of the World-System of Money to LIVE HERE and ensure an equal and one Life for all.

I commit myself to descend back into and as Reality of Physical Equality and Oneness, as I see/realise/understand that the ascension of me into and as Energy-Heights, in fact consume the depths of me as substance/physicality. And that if I accept and allow myself to continue ascending into flying-heights of energy, I am in fact equally as one accepting and allowing myself to create/manifest my own eventual crash/death where I will come to nothing/no-one, because for me to reach those heights of energy, my mind consumes the depths of physicality.
And, so – I commit myself to land myself securely and stable as my Mind back into the Physical, to no more accept and allow an existence where beings crash and burn as the Mind in the Physical, as the mind eventually reach reality/the physical when the mind consumed all the substance available in and as the physical-body.
In this, I commit myself to show that the Mind’s relationship to the Physical is not Life, that flying high in energy is not living, because one is using/abusing the physical that in fact give life, and standing equal to and one with the physical as descending from the mind into the physical, is the process of learning, really – what it in fact means to live with life as the physical in and as equality and oneness."