viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1128, My problem with the Law of attraction...

There is so much that I would like to talk and debate with you around this subject, which is one towards I have quite a few resistances to believe in, because for a very long time I wished for so many things that I truly wanted and prayed for, and that never came to be.

Since I was a child I prayed so many times and for so many things that I wanted to become just a little bit more easy to get through, like the constant bullying that I faced at the school everyday, or that beautiful girl to whom I never had the courage to speak to

I asked and prayed for the courage to stop the abuse, and for braveness to speak to that girl, but my prayers and my wants never were listened. In exchange what I do generated within me, was an experience of conflict and hate towards everything and everyone, that even got to the point or the extent were I will project such experiences even to the ones who loved me and cared for me (maybe because in my cowardliness I expected to receive some kind of support from those who I perceived as strongest than me, or maybe because I disempowered myself to such an extent that I didn´t saw the possibility of finding such solution through and from me) that´s how hate works, because it´s never hate towards the person outside or the situation, the hate its always towards ourselves, as the hate that I had towards my schoolmates which only spoke about my own sense of impotence and disempowerment

 Please don´t misunderstand me, I do believe that it is important to focus on the goals that we so much desire to be able to move ourselves in the direction that will allow us to get there, or to the people that will allow us to achieve that which we so much desire, but those things can´t and will never come by only wishing and desiring them. If we want the shit done, we have to fucking move and do it ourselves...

If you haven't watched this awesome interviews and perspectives made by JP Sears, I suggest you to do so, because this comedian/psychologist/youtuber, has quite a pretty nice way of speaking about the delusion that is the law of attraction and how easily we convince ourselves that it´s apparently justifiable to participate and go into this ideas, when all the while it´s only us trying to avoid some of the shitty truth about ourselves... enjoy LOL