viernes, 26 de octubre de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1122, No one Gives a fuck when you Die - Absolute Individuality B.P.

After listening to this interviews made by Bernard Poolman. I had to stop for a moment and had a listen to them again and again, and one more time to get sure that I get the whole message within and as the words, as I integrate it in my personal context and my personal world, like a pair of sunglasses if you know what I mean.

In the previous weeks I have been working with a very important point in my life, the opening of a business with a colleague which will allow us economical independence in the future to move forward in our personal goals. Obviously it has not been easy for any of us both, as we are walking through several resistances and challenges around the procedure to get the licences that are required to open the business, and not only that, I have been facing one of the points that can really put me down whenever I need to focus on any project... the desire for a relationship and sex. This is a tough one for me I must say, because it is just amazing how easily my mind gets distracted in the experience and desire of feeling loved, appreciated and cared. I am not going to say that I have transcended it, but I am working hard on it, so that I am able to keep my focus in what I need to do right now at this point of my life - get that business and get some financial independence to keep going with the projects and with life in general LOL.

The way I have been working with this point so far, its by bringing out on a piece of paper and in the computer, all the ideas that I have found myself attaching to the people with who I have created this sort of energetic experience, which have mostly come through personal ideas and expectations formed around those same ideas which at the very end came from movies, mind movies, pictures, fantasies, pornography and a big etc. of the things that have become food for the thoughts of desires. And as I was writing those ideas, I began to apply forgiveness for accepting and allowing myself to participate on such experiences of making out of the pictures of such people the very fantasy that I used in my mind to create this expectations and energetic experiences, not taking into consideration the entirety of the person and not even that, because what I began to notice in Self Honesty was that I actually didn´t even cared about the person in the first place, I was only taking their pictures in my mind to play the experience for my personal enjoyment.

And after that, I began to notice how little focus and attention I give to all the details that make each person unique, that make them so special within me, and what I have come to realize is that those things that make them so special, are at the same time parts of myself that I appreciate and that I want to create within me. So I established that as my point of focus, my point of attention for me to be able to get through the experience of desire itself and walk into the realization that we are all one and equal and that we can learn and love and care for everyone unconditionally; as long as that connection is clear, it always gets me through. And as I said before, I don´t consider that I have transcended this point, as I still see a lot of reactions emerging within me of wanting to have sex and wanting to have and being on a relationship. and that is when I have to walk through the desires using self forgiveness all over again, but it always gets me going.

Thanks for reading