lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2018

Conversation with Chief.

To make this chat a little bit simple, I have made a resume of the conversation with Chief. You can find the entire chat here:

CHIEF here through the Portal tonight, we’ll start 5 after the hour – STARTING time one hour and 25 minutes from now 🙂
 Good evening all
 Chief here through the Portal and ready for your questions

hi Chief, can you give a bit of a background about yourself for us  – and for some to get to know about you for the first time?

In short, Marlen – I crossed over during the time when the Indian tribes were still original, organic, úntouched’to so to speak by civilization and evolution thereof – when I crossed over I crossed with some of my original trive, waiting for them like a ‘soul family’- but we never reincarnated, I remember us wanting to connect to a purpose, we saw Bernards signature on earth, I decided to connect with him to understand the purpose of existence – we were then both in that searchg and so we connected
Will tell more of my story in Journeys into teh Afterlife Series in EQAFE

Randy Krafft 14:09
Hello Chief / @Sunette   it’s been a while since we ‘ve “seen” you, how about an update as to what you ‘re doing in the dimensions…

Randy, I am at the moment connecting with Enlil and Enki and a few other beings defining RELATIONSHIPS, how can relationships be CREATED FROM SCRATCH if it doesn’t originally exist, to be aligned and connected in the best interest of both eqqually and all and everything else it touches from there
Together with how the WORST relationships can be connected to its BEST – can worst relationships RESHAPE or must it SEVER to reconnect?
Must something END to begin again OR can it end and begin at the same time?
any luck with the worst relationships realigning to the best?
Lauri well, answer is already you lol – your mind is the worst of you, buty yuou’rer at the same time transforming it to its best without severing it no?

does it mean that the indian tribes were not entirely part of the programming back then, or they simply were ‘less tainted’ because of not being in civilization? I know this is a second question but if we get to it, that would be great
Yes, less tainted then @marlen – because the Creators didn’t pay much attention fo the physical…but what I question when it comes to relationships is: ppl are willing to work with their minfs, the worst of the worst, give it a chance, cope with it, but are quick to be the evilist of evil when it comes to other ppl… that is an interesting phenomenon in this existence

It’s like redefining isn’t it. A words definition ends and begins with a new one. Maybe other things are too severed/far gone though?
Kristina what makes something too severed too far gone??? what if you drop that idea and definition and judgment, look at it as is and see what other options emerge?

I am seriously busy questioning how much of what we decide is what- based on how we LOOK and FEEL towards it…This is one disease I see is spreading in hiumanity, when one person, thinks they see something in another, and believes it is right, they contact another person and say: “Hey, I am seeing this or that and noticing this or that, can you confirm, what do you see?” CONSPIRING. Ppl conspiring behind one another’s backs in any regards and joining in – is one of the things creating most of the problems in relationships

Leila Zamora Moreno 14:18
From my experience I find it comes from that longstanding assumption that you are inferior to everyone else, and then when you get to a point of like hmm wait maybe this is not the case – you lash out on those same people’s, but it’s more that you’re pissed off at yourself for having gone with that self belief for so long
“too far” exists as long as neither one is willing to change in my experience. When I am willing to work on a relationship, the other who can still be extremely pissed will start coming around.

Randy Krafft 14:19

Yes Randy but ppl won’t say it’s gossip. Can even be “concern or under the guise of something else. Best to just, own up to your own individual experiences and speak direct ppl