jueves, 30 de agosto de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1110, The fate of Humanity: Black Elk Speaks

Something that has always astounded me about the vision of the American Indians, it´s their way of telling stories, because beyond of what most of the people can ever believe about them, the histories of the American Indians, does not pretend only the enforcement of a believe or a myth as with any other religion, but what they do it´s something very interesting and specific, because in the visions that they share, they are also sharing a very intrinsic symbolic role in the whole life of not only one person alone, but with and through the whole life as a whole. Please give yourself the opportunity to hear to this interview made by Quentin Young about Black Elk before I continue with this.

I do believe that as humanity we have forgot to look at our own dreams, and to look at them carefully to try to see beyond the conscious mind, and more into the subconscious mind, why would such a thing could be so important? Because within such action I found a way to pay attention to my day to day life in a very different way, as you may also have noticed in those days where you just have that "feeling" that the dream has shown you something that is about to happen or manifest in your world or that is showing you about yourself, that you don´t even known about you, or that you haven´t gave attention about yourself.

I continue in the next post..