sábado, 2 de junio de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1093 , The gift on redefining Love

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define Love as only the energetic feeling experience that emerges within the mind and the body whenever I get across with someone that I feel attracted to, without realizing that Love exists in every conscious action that I take and live within me towards each and every single person in my world, where I act in this consideration towards each and every single person that presents him/herself in my life, giving and doing to them as I would like to receive and being treated as, which can begin with an act as simple as listening to something that they want and need to share, standing in their place to really do my best to understand what they are going through and within that, really bring the words, caring and consideration within myself that will allow me to express the type of caring that they deserve and need from myself.

I commit myself to live the word Love as an expression of myself in the act of considering, caring and directing myself to be able to bring the best expression of me in a moment that I am able to live towards another as myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I should stay away from relationships to be able to focus on my own path, instead of realizing that I don´t have to actually stay or walk away from anything to be able to share and live and express myself unconditionally with another, as that would actually be the act of separation in itself, because instead of being me sharing, living and loving myself unconditionally to be able to give, share and express that also with another, so that they can truly know and trust me, as I am that constancy and consistency of me that will stand as the point that they will always find within and as me, in and as a place of support, love and care.

I commit myself to open myself to new relationships without standing apart from the road and principles that I am deciding and committing myself to live, so that it doesn´t matter who enters or walks away from my life, I can always remain the same, and be the gift itself that that person will find at all times as the presence, company and stability of me, as the life that I am