jueves, 22 de febrero de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1079, Where and how can I find or see my Potential?

Spite the fact that I haven´t met Sunette personally, I do have had the opportunity of having a couple of chats with her, and just as she mentions, I remember how in the first chat that I had with her, I would bring like this very (in appearance) hard and difficult situations that I was going through to discuss with her, to be able to hear like a perspective from someone who I actually respected quite a lot, because of her way of looking at things and finding solutions even in the moments where we normally are not able to find no solution at all, lol.

As she began to speak, I do expected to hear a very complex and structured map of the problem within my mind and the problem within the situation and the people involved within it; but she actually only had to bring the whole thing back to myself in, you know the kind of simple questions that we tend to evade and deliberately not ask to ourselves, and with the same simplicity, she said to me: "Gabriel, you do have the ability and the potential to do this/you have more potential than you are able to perceive yet". And it´s ironic because, as simple as those may be for anyone who sees it from the outside, in that moment, that was just exactly what I needed to listen, because in that very moment I do find myself not being able to hold the tears and I do began to cry.

It´s amazing how much we tend to be our own bullies by not trusting in ourselves and feeling like we are just not good enough to do something or face something, when sometimes, the best thing that we can give to ourselves is that certainty of saying to ourselves: "This is here and yes, it is tough, but it would not be here for me if I wasn´t able to face it". From moments like this and several situations that I have had to face in my life, like anyone else of course in this life, I do have found the way to look at that potential within and beyond a certain situation, just by being aware that there is always a gift within the tough moments and even the problems that seems to be just too big, do not have to be "bad moments" if one knows how to see them as a chance to grow and to be faced with that part of ourselves that can bring the best possible version of ourselves. 

Yes one is most of the times faced with a lot of conflict and a lot of hard and painful situations, but even within that, the pain is still optional, because one can decide, and there is always that chance to decide within oneself to not give up and give in into the emotions, the thoughts, the feelings, and to breathe within and beyond the situation to be able to find just that little light within oneself that remembers us: "I can do this".