lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1078, ¿Do you already know the Earth Haven Project?

¿Do you already know the Earth Haven Project?

With only 76 patreons, Earth Haven has begun and/or sustained over 5 projects that are already contributing towards land rehabilitation, supporting the food chain that has been disrupted by human activity, provided food and water to local people, and is testing completely organic methods to grow food in this dry and arid area. A little bit goes a long way here in South Africa, where the need is great for these preventative and solution oriented measures. This is an organization with no corporate ties or for-profit influences, where 100% of every dollar goes into the land or the tools required to dig and build. If you want your dollar to be stretched as far as possible, and to go to someone with integrity who will not sell out, choose Earth Haven, and show your support for a better world to make it possible.

A Tree is planted in your name. After three years of standing with, or a total of 600$ in pledges done, you will receive an Earth Guardian Ring - how awesome. Come to Earth Haven to volunteer, work and get personal training on the current Earth Haven. And one day, live or start your own Earth Haven (the more that join, the sooner) with everyone at Earth Haven as a group. Unity is awesome, the principle is key.

In this video I am casually sharing some parts of what a day can look like for me, I wanted to record a lot more but in certain activities it is impossible to prepare and get a camera ready (for me alone though). Here I share about 50% of what my day time shift/work looks like in running Earth Haven and all that is unexpected and not part of the schedule, yet requires to be done.

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