viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1074, What I Can See In You

I still remember that first time in which I cam across the Desteni material, and how nervous I was at the beginning when I wrote in the public forum (English ForumSpanish forum), because I felt so exposed, so vulnerable and ashamed of what i was experiencing at that moment; not to mention the infinite doubts that emerged within me every time that I found a new video and a new blog, and of course it is also fair to say that at the same time that I do alowed myself to enter more and more into the material, the more it assisted me to actually see for myself what was being said and within that to take the decision to walk this, because at the beginning of my process, my parents, siblings and almost all the people around me would so easily go and judge Desteni only by the idea of "The Portal" and from there i would create an unnecesary conflict and fight with them in trying to convince them "But wait! There is so much more!"

The moment that I came across the words of Sunette and Bernard Poolman, I cannot explain it any other way as a sensation that the message in their words reflected so perfectly, so deeply and intimately that complex and intricate relationship that I was facing within my mind. And just as Sunette explains in this video,  the more and more i became familiar with the material and the more I allowed myself to look at myself through the words that were actually seeing beyond the immediate program, the more I became to also look more into the potential instead of just going into the emotional/feeling experience of the mind, and yes of course there is still a long way to go, but I do trust the road/process ahead, which has also taken a process to accept lol, and accept me in this road, because now I am able to see what I have been creating of myself and now it´s just impossible for me to conceive where would I be if it wasn´t thanks to this process... it´s a challenge yes, but it´s also so much more than just a challenge, it´s life itself, or as it´s said- This is Life, man!