lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

Mi jornada hacia la Vida, Day 1072, How I see the Geometry and Patterns of Emotions

As I was hearing this video made by Sunette Spies, in which she shares one of the most recurrent experiences from anyone who gets to know the Portal and essentially the whole Desteni movement.

I can recall on my personal experience, how throughout my life this has been not only an experience that I had towards the Portal, but also towards almost each and every single person in my life, and this of course for a very long time. I am of course speaking about the fear of having our thoughts being seeing or read by other people; because when one has a self honest look within oneself, we have that tendency to let our mind go all over the place creating any possible scenario and circunstance about ourselves, the people around us, and many other things, but I do believe that the most important relationship within it all, is the picture we like to see and create about ourselves and our lives and what we would like our lives to be.

I am not going to say that it is easy to listen to the things that we don´t like to hear about ourselves, but if we dare to be self honest about it: the only reason why we don´t like the idea of being exposed, it´s because we know and are actually pretty aware of what exists within us and what we have created within and as ourselves. But isn´t it curious at the same time that we are at the same time so separated of our own thoughts that their very existence represents already a point that we hide from and we hide from them and the responsibility for our own creations (speaking about our thoughts, feelings and emotions) that we keep them only for ourselves in the dimensions of our mind, where no one is able to see them, but ourselves?

We so quickly run to the conclusion that we are protected in our minds, that we at the same time miss the opportunity to realize: Maybe if there is something I am ashamed of within my mind, there is something that I should have a look at self honestly within me, not because someone is able to see within me, but simply by the mere fact that it is something that is not letting me live in the way that I would actually like to live and express (considering of course the most basic common sense of doing to others/relating within others and living with others as I would like them to do, live and share with me).

Give yourself just one chance, one opportunity to consider another vision, another possibility to look at yourself as you have never conceived possible.

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