miércoles, 27 de diciembre de 2017

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1066, Buying our Rights from the Bill of Rights

What are the kind of things that create conflict in our world? What is the real reason behind all the excuses that we hear about the impossibility of guarantying for everyone the Rights that they should have, not because someone is supposed to give them to us, but because we (all - each and every single one of us) inherently have them since the moment of our birth to the moment of our death?

I made a video just a few days ago, I published it in this same blog and you are able to find it here (Día 1065). For those that don´t speak Spanish, the video that is titled "Redefiniendo la Disciplina - Redefining Discipline" I was sharing a situation in which a group of soldiers received the order to attack and kill a criminal group, from which they didn´t only killed grown ups, but also child´s from different ages, so that they were able to stop and eradicate any possible future leader of the group.

The criminal group that was attacked by the soldiers, were originally farmers who begin to plant other kinds of things besides mango and regional fruits, they began to plant Marijuana, Coca, Amapola, and so on, because the soil is just perfect to grow practically anything you want, because the soil is very fertile.

After the soldiers killed all the members of the criminal group and all the next generations, a group of women began a march knocking on each door with gun in hand, asking everyone to join them in the march to make an armed group of "self-defenses"; but it results that these women were actually mothers, sisters, daughters and partners of the members of that criminal group. And they said that those that didn´t joined them would be killed in the act, because they were going against them. The familiar of one person who was telling us about this situation, was one of the farmers who lived in the area and he was killed because he said that he wasn´t able to leave his work and his land as he needed to feed and take care of his family. So they first killed his son and then they killed him, because he basically said "NO".

My first conclusion was that the responsibility from such point of conflict and consequences began with the entrance of the military in the area, but it actually began much more earlier, in the moment that the farmers of the area got tired of receiving so little in exchange of so much effort, and they began to try and find something that could leave them more by doing the same that they have learned to do all their life, which is the only thing that they have ever known, because they live in an area where there is basically little resources for education, and the constant conflicts leave the people with less and less chances to attend a proper school. And now that I am seeing the video that I placed above, made by Cerise Poolman, I begin to realize, how I myself disregarded the point/factor of the money, as this symbol has become such a powerful and basic part of our life, that it can become such a justification to even take apart the life of anybody, because our own lifes depend on it.

We use it everyday, without even questioning how it would affect the people around us, how it would determine our life when someone else need´s it, and we are the closest and most desperate solution to get it, and get it quickly... I know, it´s not justifiable, but you know what? It can be so when the incentive is just right for the right person, because we will participate in the system, spite of knowing what we are participating in, as long as we earn just the right amount (it doesn´t matter what you do and or how you earn your money, whatever coin you have in your pocket makes you part of the system).

It´s really just OK that the things are the way they are? Is this really all that we are able to be? I would like to see a world where no one has to kill, manipulate or lie just to get a piece of paper. Wouldn´t you? At the very end if we really "have rights" shouldn´t we be able to have them without having to fight for them?