viernes, 22 de diciembre de 2017

Mi jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1064, Work Is Pretty Fun

"I sometimes hear people complaining about their work and how they do not want to be there but rather be at home living and fulfilling their private interests. This is a limited way of looking at work. The solution is to make sure that regardless of where we are at, that we find ways to discover and empower ourselves. There are opportunities everywhere, however, in order to see them, we have to be OPEN and RECEPTIVE – and in order to ACT on them – we have to be DISCIPLINED and READY. To be able to master this approach we cannot accept and allow ourselves to remain in a state of whining and complaining. We have to be on our toes and READY to embrace whatever might come our way."
-Viktor Persson-
original source of the quote:
After reading this post made by Viktor Persson (link above), I coudn´t help to take this point back to myself and look at my own development in my current job, especially in relación to a point that i have been working with, in relación to my own relationship with my own way of dealing and facing my own mistakes.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conflict with a coworker (not a discussion, but simply a difference of ideas), which brought a point of anger within me, because I din´t wanted to change or repeat a design that I already took quite a couple of hours to make, and more importantly, I didn´t wanted to face the fact that what this co-worker was pointing out, was a simple common sense point in which I din´t wanted to look only because I didn´t wanted to take the movement and effort of repentina the design that I was making.

And as I was looking at this event, from the starting point of the principle and statement that is made in that post, I began to notice how by playing my point of attention in pleasing the people around me, instead of focusing on myself, instead of taking a simple comment about my work, no to simple criticize it, but to actually make it better, instead of seeing the gift and potential of such moment, I allowed myself to go into conflict and taking it personal, instead of an opportunity of learning from my mistases, because that´s one of the hardest points to face in the moment, accepting and taking responsibility for whatever action one makes, for whatever word and thought one sepas, and all of that is impide within one singular action, because it began in a thought as an ilusión of the expectativas of grandeur, and it ends with reality by facing the fact that one is still a child learning 

It´s simply amazing and absurd how I have perceived myself as not being comfortable with my work, because in the first moment I do had that impulse of working and giving my best; nevertheless with the routine of the months, that impulse became weaker and weaker, and also my motivation of working for something more than my monthly paycheck, because I have defined my motivation in that energetic impulse that I had in the first moment that I got my job, but I din´t allowed myself to be committed, not with the job, or with the people within my job, but with myself, to see my work as a way of training, practicing, learning, for myself to expanda and grow myself.

And this is a cool opportunity to allow myself to make that commitment with myself of finding the gifts in every possible moment, situation, challenge, to always make and take of whatever I am doing the best of it and the best of myself.

Thanks for reading.