miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1063, Redefining Being a Sibling

As I was listening to this video, a question emerged inside myself:

What does it means to create meaningful relationships?

And as I was repeating that question to myself, what I noticed is that: what I always believed in is that one is only able to behave and act in a certain way with very specific people, which then leads to this roles play that is explained in the video, but I began to notice something within my own belief, and that is the fact that I have never really get to know anyone of those people (starting with my own family), because the every day dynamic between those people and me, always became so defined by a simple "definition of father, mother, sister, partner, friend, teacher, authority, stranger, with a loooonnnnggg etc.", that in that limitation I ended up isolating myself from myself, because the heaviness of having to become someone specific in the presence of every person that I know or that I have ever known in my life, interferes within me to such level, that that space that was my most intimate and sacred place within myself as a human being was suddenly full of memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions that was dedicated and linked and trapped within the definition and idea that I created about me and other people in each and every single situation in my world.

This video made by SOUL explains perfectly how to resolve such dynamics in a way that results practical for everyone, especially because it begins with oneself and how from oneself, on is able to create that real interaction with the people around you, to assist and support oneself to develop the kind of person that you need to be for yourself, instead of only for other people.

Really cool video