jueves, 14 de diciembre de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1059, There is one consequence further than death...

 There are moments in my life, where I am afraid of what a mind possession is able to create and destroy in a matter of seconds and I am not even speaking of actions, but even those thoughts that everyone of us has, thoughts that seems to be so hidden from the sight, that one is apparently free from consequences, only because apparently it concerns only to us...

When I went to the prison as support for a therapist with who I made some dynamics with the prisoners; of course the therapy will not always be taken or accepted by everyone, but in the cases that they did; there were some confessions made by the prisoners, confessions that we heard everyday from those people who were actually touched by the sessions, where their faces, their tears, revealed a form of repentance that is beyond the action that they committed, the crime that lead them to that moment in which all their world fell apart; confessions that sounded pretty much like this:

There are consequences that are always further than the moment where everything seems to be contemplated, where there is apparently no problem with whatever it is that one is doing call it in one´s mind, or in one´s daily life; and now just consider the possibility, of not even being able to stop it as it exists now as a memory that will always attack and destroy you in your own consciousness. Just imagine the amount of regret that one will have to live with, by thinking not even in the event or the action that lead to the consequence, but in the simple fact, that everything could have been differently, that everything could have changed or happened if one only, just only have given to oneself the opportunity of taking a deep breath saying within oneself "This is not what I want for me, or for anybody in this life, I do not accept or allow this thoughts to define me in any way"

I am very familiar with that sensation were the thoughts that sometimes reach such a point within us, feel like they are no longer able to be shared, because they become so intimate, so personal, that they can do nothing but harm others and I have found that it is ok, if one doesn´t feel comfortable enough to share them, but never stop writing them. Because the moment one allows them to accumulate in one´s mind, that is the point where they become a very heavy Heavy HEAVY charge...

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