martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la vida, Día 1057, A brief reflection around Tesla technologies

This new technologies have broken world records and have opened our mind to infinite possibilities in the near future, which also includes the possibility of seeing spaceships that can travel throughout the universe without the need of not only fossil fuels, but even without the need of any other source that contaminates or damage our planet.. 

Nevertheless I would like to see what this technologies are also able to achieved if they are applied not only to technologies that obviously can help on the presence of natural disasters or other type of catastrophes, but also in the creation of a world that is more united and equal.

I would like to see a future in which this technologies are being applied to a world that doesn´t know of poverty, famine or starvation, when even the history books will speak of it as something that was left behind together with our differences. 

I would like to see that moment in which no person will ever be afraid of the possible abuse that awaits for them just outside their houses and I am meaning in every house of every part of the world; I would like to see them together around the fire telling the histories of our past as if every form of abuse that has ever been on the planet and in the history sounded like nothing but a myth, like something impossible to believe, because it happened so long ago that there is no one that lives to remember it.

I believe that it is possible, but if you believe that we should focus on space and time travel, then we should also consider the possibility that even in the most brilliant of the futures, our risk of turning against each other again it´s something that will be present between us forever, and the fear of seeing technologies of mass destruction will never go away, for any of us. And of course I am not saying that it will be Tesla the one who could do this, but other people who will be willing to sell billions of other people´s life for a couple of millions in his/her pocket, which also begins with a thought as simple as "I don´t care about other people, I can´t do anything to change it, it´s human nature..." just consider that. A future that evolves to fast, remaining with a primitive nature, it´s just an end that came too fast.

) . There will be no be peace, and no I do not agree in that point with Tolstoi, tranquility is not moral turpitude, it´s actually the real result of living that struggle through the solution that is best for all, will be the real result of so much struggle and so much fight as he also mentions, that´s what I see and that´s what I really want to see in this humanity - oneness and equality, as simple and as fucking hardly difficult as that may sound.