miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1054, What is Self Agreement?

I was listening to this interview that is titled: What is Self-Agreement? from the Relationship Success Support series. And as I was listening the audio, I was having like all of this memories coming up from my past relationships (including the most recent ones). And I began to notice one from one the moments in which I didn´t "knew what to do", and therefore I tried to act accordingly to my assumptions of what this other person would "like me to do for them"  and within that I began to slowly but surely suppress my expression by entering into this personality of "pleasing the other" which comes from the preconceived ideas around relationships.

But in those moments, I actually never stopped to reference my own starting point; meaning my own self-agreement of first checking out within me whatever point that may emerge in relation to a point of conflict and how am I am able to assist and support myself to then be able to express and live that with the other, because something that I notice from a video that I did just yesterday, is how much in that commitment I wanted to be "there for the other", but not taking into consideration that if I want to take care of the other, I have to first take care of myself.

Here the video:

Within the interview, there are also practical examples of how does this moments take place and there is also this interview that explains the practical examples on how to deal with them (Self Agreement Practical - Relationship Success Supportt). I highly recommend it for anyone (it doesn´t matter if you are or not in a relationship), because it brings that point that we so often miss due to all the ideas and preconceptions that one has about "what our relationships should be like, instead of what a practical relationship based on agreements are actually able to be".