martes, 31 de octubre de 2017

Mi jornada hacia la vida, Día 1048, Redefining success

Have you ever noticed that whenever a new achievement, a new discovery or a new technology is developed, the success is defined around one single person or one single institution, instead of seeing it as an achievement of the entire humanity? I am not saying that the merit of the work that has been done is now separated from the person who really worked and got through all the problems and complications to get to that specific result. Nevertheless, the more we have created this idea that the success belongs to only one, the more and more we see this insane competition where only one is able to be at the best point, the best position, the best reward that guarantees a future of its own...

But if that new discovery, that new technology were understood as an achievement made by all humanity, as the result of years of work, research, investigation, wouldn´t that new discovery or that new technology be placed at the reach of everyone equally?

Why does it seems that every time that something new is developed, it results privatized and left to the reach of only a specific circle of people who is able to get access to such new advances or technologies? Why do we improve in rocket science but we leave half of the world in poverty, hunger and famine? Why is it more difficult to take care between each other and actually help others to reach their full potential (so that all of us can bring and be the best version of ourselves, making of all of us a helping hand for the betterment of the system) than to place an spaceship in the orbit of the earth?

Wouldn´t it be simple common sense to stop trying to escape from the earth and the consequences that we have created and instead doing the best that we can to completely get the whole earth in the best possible conditions in the shorter amount of time that we are able to make to get there and make a titanic labor of social reeducation at a global scale? 

Is it really that complicated? And if it is, why don´t we make of it our next goal to achieve? A world that is best for all