sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1015, Learning to find the Extra in the Ordinary

As I was listening to this interview made by Matti Freeman, an amazing thing came across within my personal experiences which was that, I just began to remember how much I actually enjoy to do physical work... by physical work I don´t mean lifting weights or something (Well of course that is also something fun, lol) but I mean, everytime that I had the opportunity to do any kind of "heavy task" (and this since I was a kid) I would go and try to help the people with that, for instance when my parents wanted to hire a bricklayer to repair something, I would go and help the bricklayer because I knew that they would require to do something like breaking a wall or things like that, and I got so much fun of just being able to use the mallet and hit the wall until I was able to break the damn thing LOL!!!

Or whenever I saw someone making a little task (and this is part of why I was constantly criticized on the school) I would go and try to help, because whenever I was doing little tasks here and there, that would also give me an amazing opportunity to be able to get out of my mind for a moment and I was able to just focus on the moment that was taking place right in front of me.

So, what I will try to do, is that whenever I see that I get stressed out or something when I am doing like any kind of mental labor, I will give myself a chance to look out for any little task around my house (and at the same time it will be a nice opportunity to help in my house) to be able to assist and support myself in finding that space for me to be able to breathe and focus on a task that doesn´t require me to overthink on it, but just do it in the simplicity of it´s requirements.

Thanks for reading