sábado, 3 de junio de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1001, Secrets between Heart and Mind

It is amazing the impact of one recurrent thought throughout our life, and how it can define ourselves to such an extent that it not only impacts the most personal "You" the most intimate "who you are", it impacts your body, it´s structure and physiognomy.

Just yesterday I was reconsidering this thought that I have had since I was on the elementary school - "I don´t want to go to the school anymore" - and very recently, I have noticed the presence of the very same thought within my mind as I am about two weeks to end my career on Visual Communication (or maybe I am just about to begin it, but anyway), and very curiously, I have noticed the same thought in each semester that I was about to end, each moment in which we were delivering the last pieces and projects to be able to just end it all and escape to our vacations...

It is just amazing to realize how long a thought have remained within one´s memory, specially when I see how much this simple thought affected my experience and vision of the school to such an extent that, if it is true that that thought was not the only thought that created my whole experience within and towards school, it was nevertheless one of the most important and influential thoughts that took me to the point of hating school, hating my whole experience within and as it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think the thought "I don´t want to go to the school anymore" when actually within that thought I was actually not seeing and realizing what was exactly that I was resisting or not facing within it, and instead of taking responsibility for the experience that I was creating within myself I just projected blame towards the whole schooling system, instead of realizing "it is me the responsible of my experience wherever I find myself, call it the school, my house, or the place that I love the most, it is me who determines who I am within everything and anything that I do.