lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 999, Cheating and Deeper dimensions

After listening to this interview made by Gian Roberts where he beautifully explains one of the most common dynamics of manipulation in a relationship, beginning for and by the very word "love" and how (in my personal experience for example) I tended to use this word as a form to confirm over and over again if the relationship was like "still standing", by this I am referring to those moments that very surely are quite well known by a lot of people where, whenever one feels that this words or the expression or you know, the way in which this words were said by our partner like doesn´t sound in a particular way or doesn´t "feel" in a particular way, the ideas just start to come and we no longer feel like we are being loved and whatever.

And it´s quite interesting how such a simple experience, can for instance create this illusion that as we are not being loved, maybe we could possibly being cheated by our partner, as Gian just mentioned in his video, and from that one is able to now create like a whole hidden agenda just from one fucking experience... instead of standing and establishing principles like for instance intimate communication , to be able to open all of this points and work with them together, and within that being able to live that point of self honesty, common sense, consideration, self and mutual respect, to not go and fall into the normal/traditional dynamics and patterns of abuse that we tend to create to one another.

I suggest you to watch and subscribe to his videos, cause he always offer amazing support in our relation to the relationships themselves, by simply placing the order that we should take and that every relationship should take in this regards: Principles that we can live and apply equally.