jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 986, Book: Virus Free Mind

This book "Virus Free Mind" it´s a must that one has to add to the reading list; is not only another book about "personal growth or self improvement", with its fine use of several analogies, metaphors, examples in which the human is compared to the functioning of a machine, it will undoubtedly shake you and drag you in such a way that you will reconsider the way in which you are leading your whole existence,

What I really enjoyed about this book, is that it doesn´t try or pretend to give you the 5 steps guide to make of you that thinner, richer, happier, wiser and just completely desperate cliche person incapable of determining his/her own future, to which of course has to appear this all-knowing, all-wise  "Guru of success" to come and rescue you from yourself; by the contrary, it´s a book that makes you question your own ideas, your own life in every possible way that you are living it, to actually determine by yourself your own fate, your own destiny.

Don´t trust me, go and find out for yourself.