sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 980, Reaching out for support

So, I was listening to the trilogy of this series called "Consequences of Deceiving Self-Honesty" and as I don´t want to spoil it out for the people who haven´t listened it yet, it´s basically the story of a man who suddenly gets the responsibility of having to become a father and take care of a child that wasn´t expected, but instead of really assessing the point and walking through it, what he does is that he just assumes his role and see himself as "obligated" to take such role (the whole story along with its specificities you can find it in the link above).

As I was listening to that recording, I was able to actually relate to such experience, not because I am about to become a father or something, but because I do believe that everyone has felt in some way or another a moment just like that, were you feel as if you had to do something (and I am not saying that you should run away from the responsibility), but instead of speaking about it and assessing it with oneself, one becomes emotional and decides to blame the situation, the other person, the work, the school, one´s partner or whatever.

And of course it sounds as if it was very easy to take the responsibility back to oneself and assess one´s own participation, because it always "seem" as if others had some sort of obligations towards us and we also feel such obligation towards them, in terms of, you know, demonstrating that we take certain role or certain action as part of the person that we are expected to be by our society, our families, our friends, partner and so on and so forth, like for instance with a man, at least very frequently on the society that I live in, which for example expects that a man in a relationship takes always the control of the situation and directs and resolves and anything, and of course add to this the fact that I live in a society where since we are children we are constantly told that we live in a society that is less and that has to reach the standards of other nations (which just by mere casualty, seems to be our neighbor the US...) and the moment you lack such strength you are questioned in your "Masculinity" and all of a sudden you are a pussy or whatever, and I mean, it´s just an example, but we can definitely take it to deeper dimensions in which we definitely feel that way.

I suggest you to watch the following video before continuing, so that I am able to expand more briefly in what I want to approach here

So, I was also reading to this blog 524. Redefining Routine  by Marlen Vargas del Razo, in which she explains how precisely our daily experiences can be redefine in a way that is supportive to us, by constantly questioning the experiences that we see see moving in our mind and instead of just following changing the direction that we want to give it and give to ourselves, which comes with discipline and consistency, which is what I am trying to re.implement in my life, starting for waking up early as I did today and begin to read more and write more. This is just one step, but one to move out from whatever it is that is really hurting inside.

Thanks for reading