miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 970, Who am I? pt2

This is a continuation from the Day 969, if you are reading this and you haven´t read the post from that day, better do so, because you are not going to follow what I am about to share.

Before you start reading this blog I need you to turn off any music or external noise that may distract you so that you can follow the exercise that we are about to do, if you have any food, anything that may distract you, please put it aside for a moment. Get yourself comfortable, relax and take a deep breath, now we start.

Try to imagine for a moment any scene, any desire that you may have or any thought that may emerge in this moment, and as you have that picture in your mind ask yourself the following: "Is this really happening right now? Where am I really? What is really going on in my world and where am I within it honestly?"

Focus only on what is around you like the temperature of the environment, the weight of your body in the chair that is below you, feel your feet and move them a little bit, breathe and feel how the air is going down your throat and feeling your lungs, feel the palpitations of your heart (if this is too difficult to reach, put two fingers in your wrist as if you were taking your own pressure and from there try to track it back throughout your body to your heart until you are feeling all the veins pumping the blood throughout your body), hear the sounds around you, any sound around you without judging it, without thinking about it and if any thought, any feeling, any emotion comes up, just put it apart and repeat to yourself the question: "what is really happening right now? the thoughts and pictures in my head? or this that is surrounding me?"

Now, going back to the premise that we made in the previous post... "if a demon comes and tell me that I am about to die and that after my dead I am not going to remember my name, my relatives, my loved ones, neither I am going to be able to feel or experience anything as I no longer have a body to create such feelings or emotions because this were created by the "fabric", the body, the brain and now I have no body, neither I have a brain or a memory about who I was when I was alive, but if I am able to tell to this demon what remains of me after my dead, he/she will give me another chance to live, what would you answer?"

After you have done this exercise above, as you are focusing on everything around you as there is no thought, feeling or emotion within you, imagine for a moment that you have no consciousness of who you are, who you were in the past, you don´t remember who is your mother or your father or anyone you have ever met in your life, you don´t know what is the world in which you exist; once that you have that with you, breathe again and try to imagine that you have no body, you have nothing that can define you or define your existence, you don´t exist, you are gone of this world... What remains...? The moment... the world is still here, and somehow you are now in this moment and you are part of this and all moments, you are all and everything...

If we are all here, if we are all responsible for each and every moment, why do we remain so indifferent to what is going on in this world if IT is US?