miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 969, Who am I?

Before continuing with this blog please watch the following video.

I got a question: What would happen if a demon comes and tell me that I am about to die and that after my dead I am not going to remember my name, my relatives, my loved ones, neither I am going to be able to feel or experience anything as I no longer have a body to create such feelings or emotions because this were created by the "fabric", the body, the brain and now I have no body, neither I have a brain or a memory about who I was when I was alive, but if I am able to tell to this demon what remains of me after my dead, he/she will give me another chance to live, what would you answer?

After watching this video one can only conclude and see how much we define ourselves as the mind, as a definition of emotions, feelings, energetic experiences, because apparently this is what will makes us feel the same about the memories that we may lose, but have you ever watched at how much of this emotions and feelings is actually linked to the words we speak and how much this words change throughout our life? Where something that make us "feel" a certain way, will not be the same after just asking the right question, or after just coming to a new word, a new definition, a new perspective of things?

Let´s say that I am a Racist (Before anyone lights the torches, I am of course speaking hypothetically) and let´s say that I just "feel" disgust or rejection to any person that looks different to that of my skin color, my "physical characteristics", but one day I just realize that when I was a kid, I was actually able to see and live and play with many other kids of many different countries, of many different cultures and physical appearances and skin colors and so on and so forth and I just realize that nothing of those feelings and emotions actually represents me... would I still trust my feelings, emotions, memories or ideas and allow them to really define me or define my "MEISH"?

If you look Self Honestly at yourself and you had to define "this" that really allows you to see the things in a certain way, what would be your answer to this demon?

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