miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 965, Addiction Replacement - The Crucifixion of Jesus interview no. 94

It´s quite strange you know? How much we actually know what is the solution to any problem and how to fix it, but instead of applying the direct solution that we know it´s required and that it´s actually the only way to solve whatever it is that one may experience or face, one can find as many ways, as many routes as possible to justify and avoid the problem...

Even in the SF that I have been writing in my personal notes, something within and between my words was like just "not fitting", you know, like when it doesn´t "sound" real... so I began to check my words and I could notice that actually, I was avoiding the problem by trying to "replace it" with something else, another new energy, that it seems different only because it SEEMS that one is moving, but one is actually not moving towards a solution. It´s just a mere distraction to keep falling into the same bullshit over and over again.

And this interview, that I interestingly enough was resisting so much to listen and work through, had just the right perspective that I needed to see directly into my own fuck up... I began my forgiveness again and I began to listen to my own words, I repeated the same sentence, not like in a "mantra way", but like really listening to my words, and in the moment that they didn´t like come "naturally" I will stop and start over again.

It´s fascinating how much energy a resistance can take from you when you try to fight "fire with fire", thoughts with thoughts, instead of moving and simply doing whatever it´s necessary to do. I donpt have much to share actually, but you know, I want to keep the post going, because it is part of the movement that I actually need.

Listen to the interview it´s quite helpful.