miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia Vida, Día 911, Sex and (S) expression

I was recently hearing to this interview made by Gian Roberts check out his material

Gian Youtube channel

and his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gian.robberts

I was like making a review of it all, you know my life, my daily habits and so on, and I found myself like without any worth or value because I couldn't like move in a relationship with other people, and so I began to work like a lot in my self image, and trying to develop or enhance some abilities to you know like get the attention from other people and I mean I got it, I got the attention that I wanted and even from girls that... I never imagined that I could had a chance with, but then I realized something and it was that I still felt with no value, in spite of it all, and I saw the people around me, and I realized that maybe I have surrounded myself of people who really don't find any value in themselves but just in that which we have given value to, I mean maybe they are just speaking to me because I look like this and I can do this and do that, but that is what we are supposed to like and felt attracted for.

So, I decided to confront like this girl who just like appeared in my world and I began to talk to her out of the fucking "pleasing, cool guy" type of thing. And I told her that I was just tired of myself you know? And she suddenly began to speak to me out of her "personality", and I found that she actually was very cool and smart and profound and... I don't know, I realized that, yeah maybe the media like tell us that we are supposed to like a certain picture or abilities or skills or whatever, but at the end, I was the one who decided to be empty, you know? Just fucking empty within myself, because instead of doing that which I value as myself and find other people who also value themselves in the same way, you know doing that cool stuff that I really like to do. I tried to pursue the fucking idea of my mind that should apparently be great and pleasant, but it is not... The sex feels the same with all the girls, it just relies on perspective accordingly to our "preferences" (our learned preferences)

I just say that, the relationship will be what one wants it to be, and we will see what we see of others accordingly to what we allow ourselves to see if ourselves and what we allow others to see of ourselves. Maybe someone is searching just for what one authentically are... But she can't find it, because she can't see it... one is not allowing her to find who you really are...