jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 917, Joke To Cope on G-Talks

Lets us explore the topic of joking, and how we sometimes use joking as a coping mechanism, let us ask ourselves some questions to how did we come to see joking as a way of coping, what lies behind this coping mechanism. join me and Mike this Thursday and let us explore this point through simply talking.

G Talks is a special monthly edition of the DIP Hangouts with Gian Robberts from the Desteni Farm. We will look beyond the bullshit and get real with ourselves. Gian will be sharing his personal experiences and how he is moving through the bullshit (EGO) to face reality, the reality of SELF and thus the reality of what is here as a whole. This week our guest Valentin will be sharing his experiences and perspectives. Solutions will be shared to give direction and to develop self-honesty.

My personal view From this particular Hangout, is that now I have get a new conception around jokes and joking and I really never considered that they could be used as a form of support for oneself and for others. 

I will be going deeper in exploring this point within my world to allow me to transcend my own fears in relation to it and I will share more as I walk through it.