martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 916, Hating the World System

Before you close this blog thinking that I am against activism or that I am some sort of a troll trying to go against the movements that try and pretend to change the Capitalistic system, please just allow me to share a few experiences that might help you to understand why it is important that we keep our participation going within this Capitalistic system. When I listened to this interview, I remembered how difficult it was to walk through it all, I mean to really get to a point of balance and stability...

If you are reading this and you are of those radicals that are willing to do everything and anything to stop the Capitalistic system as it exists, this blog is for you, because I was one of those radicals that as soon that they heard the alarm, I wanted to stop buying and participating in every possible way within it, and I mean, I am not exaggerating, I gave away almost all my clothes and will remain with only the necessary to go out to the street and to the school, I will stop going to any party with my friends, and a brief note here: I never really enjoyed or did alcohol or buoyed into expensive dinners or shit like that, but I will do stop playing videogames with my friends, watching T.V or movies, I will stop eating meat (which took me the 2 times that I tried to be a Vegan to the point of almost getting anemia, not to mentioned that I was at the point of almost faint several times in the school and when I was riding my bicycle!), I will no longer go out with my family to any fucking place because anything that they would want to buy I will attack them with all the information of the several documentaries that I watched and you know, with them it also got to a point where they will not want to have me close to them anymore, because obviously they didn’t liked what I was saying.

I also wrote several, several, several blogs and posts against any holydays like Christmas, Halloween... I mean, I will not even celebrate my own birthday for god sake... because I regard it as being part of all the construct of the Capitalist bullshit, and I was of those who were considering to go out of the city, to run away from everything and live in the forest (no kidding), and many, many, many other things that if I were to told you... what I have just mentioned before will just seem like nothing! Seriously! I wanted to make a change that was all that existed in my mind! And I wanted to be radical, I wanted to be in the front fighting against the system and rebelling and yelling and... I mean, I really went nuts...

Yes, there are several, several, several, several things in this world that are simply unspeakable, unacceptable, and that are based on the exploitation of thousands of people that live in extreme poverty around the world, the abuse of animals, deforestation, the Global warming and so on and so forth.

But there is something that you must know, in relation to our participation within this world system, after a couple of years of really investigating and committing to understand at least a little bit more about the world system as it functions (and you do not need to go into the whole career of economics to understand this, believe me...), I realized that our participation in this world system is important to be able to change it (and I mean of course I am not saying go and participate in stuff that you know that is abusive!) Why do I say that? Because at the very end, I will still need and depend of a lot of things that I knew that were abusive, I mean the very use of my own computer in this moment, the electricity to keep it running, the medicines that are produced from several plants and chemicals, the clothes, I mean those basic things are not the problem, it´s the way in which we consume them and produce them. The more and more you get to know the new proposals of the ecofriendly technology that can and will allow us to live comfortably without harming the world as we do it now, without harming other people and you know what? WE NEED TO USE THE CURRENT STRUCTURE TO ACTUALLY PRODUCE SUCH TECHNOLOGY AND TO SUPPORT THE RESEARCH THAT IS BEING DONE ONTO IT!

And something else - in the moment that I change my habits so radically, imagine what happened? I will get illness and diseases, because I realized that, we have get so ingrained within how the current system works and operates, that we cannot make that "jump" so quickly, it took us a process to get to where we are and it will take us quite a few years to solve it. I mean of course we can accelerate the process, but we cannot "proceed" with it, until we don´t solve the necessary equations to get sure that all the people gets a system of support for everyone, because as long as we are divided, we will not change anything... it is the bourgeoisie against the proletariat... and as long we fight with each other, we will not really sit together to discuss a solution, we cannot simply sit and demand them to respond to our needs. We also must respond to ourselves for our real needs and our real "current" position, we cannot change it by force, because we will then only have more conflict.

Yes, we have a lot of problems, but there are also Solutions, and they will take time, we just have to move slowly but surely, understanding the problem so that we don´t have to start all over again to be able to make such a change, because if you alienate yourself from everything, you will also alienate yourself from everyone else and we remain divided...

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