domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 909, G-Talks Let's Talk About Racism

Racism is still an issue in today's world, how can each one of us become the change within ourselves to stop racism, we will discuss Forgiveness and Self-forgiveness as solutions, Larry Manuela will be joining me in the discussion where he will also share his perspective and what he has found.

G Talks is a special monthly edition of the DIP Hangouts with Gian Robberts from the Desteni Farm. We will look beyond the bullshit and get real with ourselves. Gian will be sharing his personal experiences and how he is moving through the bullshit (EGO) to face reality, the reality of SELF and thus the reality of what is here as a whole. This week our guest Darryl Thomas will be sharing his experiences and perspectives. Solutions will be shared to give direction and to develop self-honesty.

I also want to share a couple of Anti - Racism Videos a make some comments out of them that I believe could be supportive to develop more critical thinking around our view of the whole concept of Racism itself

On the internet you can find many Anti- Racism videos like the ones that I have placed above. So this are examples of how "modern racism" looks like in our society today and as it has been explained on the Hangout Racism is a Social and economic construct that is "learned", through the idea that anybody that does not fit with certain characteristics that we considered or regard as "normal" cannot be trusted in some way or another and why is that? If you look a little bit closer to this thought, it implies that this people has the "need" to steal because there is also an economic structure that hasn´t supported (and most probably is still not supporting) the people that does not fit with the characteristics of "normalcy" to establish an effective position of equality within the world system and this to such an extent where in the movies (of the Hollywood type) the "most dangerous" robbers, criminals, murders are mostly negros, latinos or foreigners...

As it has been mentioned in the Hangout (on the min 7:50) there is also the polarity construct in which now the Racism/Discrimination barrier turns tables and creates support for the black people (for example) but not for the white people as a form of "revenge" for the previous acts of Racism done by one group to the other.

Now, if you are of those that believe that it is an exaggeration to claim that Racism it´s still that strong and that we basically shouldn´t speak about it anymore, well let me share with you a couple of examples that I personally experienced in my country (Mexico). In several occasions when I was in a certain job, the people would constantly say to me that I am someone in which they can rely on, that I am someone that they can trust at difference of that or that man... Now I don´t want or pretend to rush into any conclusions out of that, but for me it was quite evident that the person that my bosses didn´t want to "rely on", was more due to their physical appearance or the way they look, than due to their apparent capacity to do the task that I was been trusted with, because it imply certain actions or movements with money and so on.

The thing is that, even in the countries, in which being "Latino" it´s actually and predominantly the norm... there is still a very marked and constant discrimination being done from the very Latinos against themselves, because the same structures that exist in countries like the United States for example, are being transfered or "exported" through the media that we (Latinos) consume, I mean the Racist jokes that you even hear from the Latinos to other Latinos who look a little bit "more black" or whatever... come from the movies, media, magazines and so on that they have watched in one way or another. I remember when I was in the Elementary and even Junior school, and I would hear such "jokes" or comments, and it would actually be quite weird to hear them, because I couldn´t understand why such aspects that were pointed out of the person had any relevance or value in any way whatsoever, and of course I must admit that I also participated on such jokes to "socialize" with my schoolmates, but in the end, inside oneself, there is really no explanation for them, and I remember that I was confronted by some of my schoolmates when such jokes were made, where they will ask me "why do you believe that?" and I would not have an answer for that, because there isn´t, it is just a fucking idea that came out of the T.V. without any justification at all, but after a couple of years, one begins to justify it by relating such people to an economic or social position in which they are "less or inferior" and apparently one has to protect oneself from them because they have grown in a social structure that didn´t supported them, and therefore they are in the need of stealing or cheating in one way or another. 

Of course this is not the case "always", because one can fairly say that you can see many black people or Latinos or whatever in positions of power who are very respected and supported, I mean, ok cool, but what happens with those that don´t have such positions of power? They are living such discrimination due to their economic and social position... Racism and Discrimination are constructs that came out of such economic values or ideas and they can be suffered by anyone (White, black, latino, chinese, whatever) that doesn´t have that economic support in one way or another...

We continue with this topic in post to come