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Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 920, Enfrentando mi resistencia a leer

Ahora que he iniciado mi proyecto de Tesis, he tenido que empujarme a mí mismo a leer de forma consciente, y por supuesto la pregunta es: ¿Qué significa leer de forma consciente?

Existen muchas formas de distraerse, desviar la atención y permanecer disperso ante las cosas importantes; los medios de comunicación y redes sociales, son uno de los puntos que son más criticados en la actualidad, pero descubrí que un libro también puede resultar como un enorme distractor si uno no sabe dirigirse en la lectura.

Y constantemente me ocurriría que trataría de "aprovechar el tiempo" leyendo de camino a la escuela, o leyendo mientras comía, pero pesar de que me encontraba leyendo uno de los textos que necesitaba para mi tesis, simplemente las palabras no se quedarían en mi mente lo cual significaba que en realidad no estaba realmente entendiendo lo que estaba leyendo.

Leer de forma consciente, es un momento que debo darle a mi lectura, es decir, no estoy leyendo una novela para "pasar el rato", de modo que tengo que colocar toda mi atención en el texto, porque lo único que ocurriría es que eventualmente tendría que leer el libro nuevamente porque había olvidado el contenido fundamental del mismo

Lo mismo cuando escuchaba a algunas conferencias y entrevistas que necesitaba escuchar, mientras me trasladaba en camión o hacia ejercicio, es decir, no estoy diciendo que la repetición continua y contante del audio no resulte de apoyo para poco a poco entender el completo sentido de la entrevista, pero para ello, también tenía que poner toda mi atención a ello dentro del sentido o la dirección de lo que se estaba diciendo.

Así que, he comenzado éste proceso de aprender a poner atención dentro de lo que sea que me encuentre haciendo y para ello uno de los factores determinantes es la administración del tiempo cada día, donde me propongo leer de cierta hora a cierta hora y ese tiempo no debe ser dedicado a otra cosa que no sea lo que se pretende hacer.

Continuaré con el proceso de aplicación de perdón a uno mismo en el próximo post.

miércoles, 27 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 919, How To Redefine a Word

Unfortunately it seems the internet was not cooperating with us once again - we do apologise for the lagging and connection drops. We are investigating solutions to this.

What does it means redefine a word? Is it just about the word? or is about redefining yourself?

The real question that we should ask is: Who I am in relation to words? How does this word influence me?

It´s fascinating how many words we take for granted in our daily lives. I mean how could we possibly know what the words means if we haven´t a definition for ourselves that we have lived and proven to ourselves?

How can I give something to someone else if I myself do not even know what it means yet?

How would you give a gift if it doesn´t means anything to you?

This and more explained within this amazing interview

jueves, 21 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 918, ¿Si pudieras cambiar un evento de la historia, cuál cambiarías?

Si pudieras cambiar un evento de la historia ¿cuál cambiarías? ¿Cómo lo cambiarías? ¿Por qué lo cambiarías?

jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 917, Joke To Cope on G-Talks

Lets us explore the topic of joking, and how we sometimes use joking as a coping mechanism, let us ask ourselves some questions to how did we come to see joking as a way of coping, what lies behind this coping mechanism. join me and Mike this Thursday and let us explore this point through simply talking.

G Talks is a special monthly edition of the DIP Hangouts with Gian Robberts from the Desteni Farm. We will look beyond the bullshit and get real with ourselves. Gian will be sharing his personal experiences and how he is moving through the bullshit (EGO) to face reality, the reality of SELF and thus the reality of what is here as a whole. This week our guest Valentin will be sharing his experiences and perspectives. Solutions will be shared to give direction and to develop self-honesty.

My personal view From this particular Hangout, is that now I have get a new conception around jokes and joking and I really never considered that they could be used as a form of support for oneself and for others. 

I will be going deeper in exploring this point within my world to allow me to transcend my own fears in relation to it and I will share more as I walk through it.

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 916, What about Bad Words?

How important are our words? You just need to consider how much the words “I can´t” have repeated within your head, over and over again, in different events, in different moments, and they were so powerful, that you actually went to the point of making the decision to “retreat, give up, deny, judge, feel angry, etc.” only because and due to this words…“I can´t”.

The process you are about to begin with SOUL (School of Ultimate Living) it´s by far, the most important decision that you will ever make in your life, so important that it will determine how your life is going to be from now on…

But don´t go so fast, because you are about to be confronted with one of the harshest reality of all, which is to realize and recognize how difficult and how easy is to change your life, by simply changing 2 words “I can´t”. 

What happens when you have been living a word that you don't actually want to live? How do you decide if a word is one that you want to live? What do you do once you have decided that you do not want to live a word like anxiety (for example)? How can you use these words in your life without living them? 

That and much more is what you will find in this exciting and amazing program that is SOUL. Get ready, because you are about to get to the core of your very being, and the solution to resolve all the limitations that you have ever lived within and as your very words.

We are waiting for you.

martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 916, Hating the World System

Before you close this blog thinking that I am against activism or that I am some sort of a troll trying to go against the movements that try and pretend to change the Capitalistic system, please just allow me to share a few experiences that might help you to understand why it is important that we keep our participation going within this Capitalistic system. When I listened to this interview, I remembered how difficult it was to walk through it all, I mean to really get to a point of balance and stability...

If you are reading this and you are of those radicals that are willing to do everything and anything to stop the Capitalistic system as it exists, this blog is for you, because I was one of those radicals that as soon that they heard the alarm, I wanted to stop buying and participating in every possible way within it, and I mean, I am not exaggerating, I gave away almost all my clothes and will remain with only the necessary to go out to the street and to the school, I will stop going to any party with my friends, and a brief note here: I never really enjoyed or did alcohol or buoyed into expensive dinners or shit like that, but I will do stop playing videogames with my friends, watching T.V or movies, I will stop eating meat (which took me the 2 times that I tried to be a Vegan to the point of almost getting anemia, not to mentioned that I was at the point of almost faint several times in the school and when I was riding my bicycle!), I will no longer go out with my family to any fucking place because anything that they would want to buy I will attack them with all the information of the several documentaries that I watched and you know, with them it also got to a point where they will not want to have me close to them anymore, because obviously they didn’t liked what I was saying.

I also wrote several, several, several blogs and posts against any holydays like Christmas, Halloween... I mean, I will not even celebrate my own birthday for god sake... because I regard it as being part of all the construct of the Capitalist bullshit, and I was of those who were considering to go out of the city, to run away from everything and live in the forest (no kidding), and many, many, many other things that if I were to told you... what I have just mentioned before will just seem like nothing! Seriously! I wanted to make a change that was all that existed in my mind! And I wanted to be radical, I wanted to be in the front fighting against the system and rebelling and yelling and... I mean, I really went nuts...

Yes, there are several, several, several, several things in this world that are simply unspeakable, unacceptable, and that are based on the exploitation of thousands of people that live in extreme poverty around the world, the abuse of animals, deforestation, the Global warming and so on and so forth.

But there is something that you must know, in relation to our participation within this world system, after a couple of years of really investigating and committing to understand at least a little bit more about the world system as it functions (and you do not need to go into the whole career of economics to understand this, believe me...), I realized that our participation in this world system is important to be able to change it (and I mean of course I am not saying go and participate in stuff that you know that is abusive!) Why do I say that? Because at the very end, I will still need and depend of a lot of things that I knew that were abusive, I mean the very use of my own computer in this moment, the electricity to keep it running, the medicines that are produced from several plants and chemicals, the clothes, I mean those basic things are not the problem, it´s the way in which we consume them and produce them. The more and more you get to know the new proposals of the ecofriendly technology that can and will allow us to live comfortably without harming the world as we do it now, without harming other people and you know what? WE NEED TO USE THE CURRENT STRUCTURE TO ACTUALLY PRODUCE SUCH TECHNOLOGY AND TO SUPPORT THE RESEARCH THAT IS BEING DONE ONTO IT!

And something else - in the moment that I change my habits so radically, imagine what happened? I will get illness and diseases, because I realized that, we have get so ingrained within how the current system works and operates, that we cannot make that "jump" so quickly, it took us a process to get to where we are and it will take us quite a few years to solve it. I mean of course we can accelerate the process, but we cannot "proceed" with it, until we don´t solve the necessary equations to get sure that all the people gets a system of support for everyone, because as long as we are divided, we will not change anything... it is the bourgeoisie against the proletariat... and as long we fight with each other, we will not really sit together to discuss a solution, we cannot simply sit and demand them to respond to our needs. We also must respond to ourselves for our real needs and our real "current" position, we cannot change it by force, because we will then only have more conflict.

Yes, we have a lot of problems, but there are also Solutions, and they will take time, we just have to move slowly but surely, understanding the problem so that we don´t have to start all over again to be able to make such a change, because if you alienate yourself from everything, you will also alienate yourself from everyone else and we remain divided...

I suggest you not only to watch the interview above, but to also watch this documentaries 

Educate yourself: 


The Century of the Self 


The Trap

The Power Principle

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

The Story of Your Enslavement 

Blind Spot 

lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 915, Para leer al Pato Donald

Hemos estado analizando este libro escrito por Ariel Dorfman y Armand Matterlart, durante nuestras clases de "Análisis del Discurso Visual" y hay una razón bien concreta por la cuál me gustaría recomendárselo a todas aquellas personas interesadas en conocer el verdadero significado y estructura de los discursos conocidos como "subliminales" que subyacen detrás de las producciones de Disney.

Personalmente, cuando trataba de analizar y ahondar en los discursos subliminales de la imagen, por lo general solía enfocarme de forma errada únicamente en el ámbito de lo sexual, como parte de esta visión "cuasi Freudiana" completamente hermética que no podía contemplar más allá del análisis del personaje individualmente (tal vez como consecuencia de mi propia limitación al permanecer en un enfoque único hacia mí mismo como ego en lugar de expandir mi visión a mi relación con (valga la redundancia) las relaciones de mi entorno), y debo admitir que con éste libro, como que uno logra ampliar el panorama no sólo con respecto a la forma en la que observamos a un "personaje/personalidad" en particular, sino todas las implicaciones de la existencia misma de ese personaje en un determinado entorno, con sus relaciones y quién éste es con respecto de la actitud y postura de los otros.

Y creo que la razón por la cuál es tan fácil perder de vista la existencia de estos discursos, es por el simple hecho de que esta estructura se encuentra tan integrada dentro de nuestras operatividad como sociedad, que llega un momento en el que ciertas conductas que realizamos, palabras que hablamos, pensamientos que pensamos son simplemente descritos so-pretexto de ser condición de nuestra naturaleza humana y ésto sin tomar en cuenta lo mucho que la información que recibimos incluso dentro del sistema educativo se encuentra alineada de tal suerte que pareciera casi imposible pensarnos fuera de la caja.

Parafraseando uno de los fragmentos del libro:

"Todos los intentos de Disney se basan en la necesidad de que su mundo sea aceptado como algo natural, es decir que combine los rasgos de normalidad, regularidad e infantilismo. La justificación de las figuras de la mujer y el niño es, en efecto, que así son objetivamente estos personajes, aunque, según hemos visto, ha torturado implacablemente la naturaleza de cada ser al cual se acerca. 

En esto reside el hecho de que su mundo este poblado de animales. A través de ésto la naturaleza invade todo, coloniza el conjunto de relaciones sociales animalizándolas y pintándolas de inocencia."

Este mundo que se nos ofrece como entretenimiento, alude a una suerte de escapismo contemporáneo, un universo en el que el niño y el adulto sueñan con mundos deformados a raíz del agobio de un mundo en el que se encuentran atrapados y sin salida. Los personajes son "adultos infantilizados" que escapan a la aventura en países lejanos, países inherentemente primitivos carentes de toda tecnología, donde "los nativos" son personajes ingenuos, torpes, confiados, desinteresados y generosos, quienes a pesar de poseer riquezas descomunales como estatuas adornadas de oro y piedras preciosas, permanecen completamente ignorantes de su valor, dispuestos a intercambiarlas o regalarlas a cambio de objetos como boletos para el tren subterraneo, bolígrafos, etc. etc., y donde tales intercambios y "trueques" sirven de excusa para legitimizar la riqueza de personajes como "Rico Mac Pato (que funciona como el símbolo de la burguesía Capitalista)" 

"Aztecland" es un ejemplo de ésto (nombrado de esta forma en las revistas Disney) es indudablemente la visión estereotipada de México - cactus, sombreros enormes, burros, volcanes, indios de viejas civilizaciones y machismos... al final no importa que el nombre sea otro, porque podemos identificar la tipicidad grotesca del país. 

Al final, el discurso que subyace detrás de tal visión es el siguiente - "los pueblos subdesarrollados son como niños, deben ser tratados como tales, y si no aceptan esta definición de su ser hay que bajarles los pantalones y darles una buena paliza. ¡Para que aprendan!"

De igual forma el discurso machista, del cual ya se ha hablado bastante alrededor de toda la visión de Disney, donde incluso películas como Shrek de DreamWorks realizaron una sátira alrededor del servilismo con el que Disney retrataba a sus propias princesas cuyo único poder residía en la seducción entorno al símbolo de la belleza y cuyo único propósito de su existencia es el de convertirse en un objeto sexual, inútil, buscado más nunca poseído, olvidando y apartando completamente su condición materna como de compañera, a partir de la cuál Disney comenzó a producir una nueva versión de "princesas" bajo el argumento de la "heroína". Antes de volver a este punto, es importante que veamos al tipo de relaciones que existen dentro de y alrededor del mundo de Disney.

Cuando observamos al "parentesco" que existe entre los personajes de Disney, uno cae en cuenta de que a pesar de que dichos discursos sostienen una visión en extremo Paternalista, aunque en realidad no existe tal cosa como "un padre o una madre", es decir, el Pato Donald tiene a sus tres sobrinos - Hugo, Paco y Luis, tiene a su Tio Rico Mac Pato, pero Donald no es el padre de sus sobrinos ni Rico Mac Pato el padre de Donald, y en éste sentido Daisy es la novia de Donald más no su esposa, lo cuál no hace de ella en forma alguna una madre y por consecuente, Donald siempre actúa bajo ésta premisa de la necesidad de complacer a Daisy quien en éste sentido y al igual que la relación que Mickey guarda para con Minnie, ambas cumplen con la función de la completa y absoluta cosificación que habíamos mencionado anteriormente.

Ahora, es posible que a primera vista esta relación de parentesco aparente no tener mayor significancia, no obstante la tiene y la tiene a tal grado que si uno lo analiza detenidamente, podrá darse cuenta que un sobrino puede demandar una determinada conducta del Tío (basada y fundamentada por lo general dentro de y en torno a la visión de Disney), pero el sobrino no puede decirle al Tío que "Es un mal padre", todas las relaciones en el mundo de Disney permanecen distantes y en cierta forma impersonales, nadie tiene ninguna responsabilidad con nadie, todos son tíos distantes, primos lejanos y mascotas fieles (en el caso de Pluto - el perro de Mickey)

Pero incluso dentro de este modelo del "adulto infantilizado" también existen dos tipos: el niño “buen salvaje” que jamás viaja ni gana nada, o los sobrinos de Donald, los cuales son los astutos, los que ganan, obtienen recompensas y castigan a "los malos", pero ¿quienes son los "malos" dentro del mundo de Disney?

Continuo en el próximo post

viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 914, Relationship Success Support: Looking for a Sugar Daddy

What is behind the phenomenon of young girls and women looking for rich older men to create relationships with? With the creation of sugar daddy match making sites, what drives people to use these methods to seek out these specific relationship arrangements? How does physical appearance and the concept of beauty contribute to this phenomenon?

I suggest you to read the debates that exist around the use of the program and also the reviews and "Confessions" of the people who have used the program: (links below)

On The Ethics of "Sugar Daddies" and "Sugar Babies" (Full debate here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/camelswithhammers/2011/09/a-debate-about-sugar-daddies-and-sugar-babies/) Highly recommended

"Jaime: These young women are not anyone’s slaves. They are autonomous, sexually liberated women. Many of them come from elite universities. They are smart people making a calculation about what their time and their attentions are worth. Isn’t that what everyone does when they “sell out” and turn their labor—their intelligence, their special skills, their charming personalities, their diligence, their emotions, their time, their ambitions—all for someone else’s projects? That’s what having a job is. It is not always fun.

Kelly: But this is sex! It should not be a job!

Jaime: And why not?! What makes it so holy that it can never be something done for anything but the highest and most personal self-satisfaction and self-realization? We live in an age of birth control, condoms, and demystification of “sacred” things. Why is sex still being put into this realm of things which cannot be commodified without destroying the dignity of the sex worker? Why do we think that when it comes to sex putting your talents to use in order to gain money somehow exploits and degrades people whereas all sorts of other places where we subordinate our personalities and talents to earning a buck are perfectly fine?

Kelly: This is not about these girls exercising their talents for a profit, it’s about reducing them to toys and about turning a deeply intimate, self-expressive act like sex into something where their personalities do not matter. For these girls, in this kind of sex, their desires are basically irrelevant and their real feelings are excluded in favor of patronizing pathetic perverts with whatever niceties they want to hear. This turns an activity which should be the height of authenticity into something cynical and alienating."

Confessions Of An NYU Sugar Baby: Part 1


You mean they’re not all looking for sex?
"There is definitely the undertone. Sex is the elephant in the room. You’re dancing around until the moment you can’t dance anymore, and you have to address it. I didn’t find many guys not looking for sex. Then again, I got one 60-year-old guy who messaged me and was adamant about meeting up. He was quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson and that’s what drew him to my profile immediately. I expressed that I am passionate about being a writer. You could tell he was very intelligent. Truthfully, he just seemed like a lonely man that wanted companionship—a man who wanted fun and intellectual conversation. Aside from him, sex is pretty much a given."

jueves, 7 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 913, La mejor filosofía de la vida

Recientemente (muy recientemente, lol) una amiga me envió una entrevista de éste hombre llamado Odin Dupeyron. Y debo decir que tiene un tema interesante sobre el cual vale la pena reflexionar, aunque al mismo tiempo hay algunos puntos acerca de su discurso que no comparto.

Por mucho tiempo a lo largo de mi vida, estuve convencido de que no podía mejorar sobre la persona que yo era, y eso aparentemente me exoneraba de realizar cualquier esfuerzo al respecto, no estoy diciendo que el señor Odin Dupeyron no tenga un excelente discurso sobre el cual vale la pena reflexionar, sin embargo, si estoy convencido de que existe una delgada linea entre el reconocimiento de las propias limitaciones (que también debemos evaluar de cerca para asegurarnos de no estancarnos en la zona de comfort) y la esfera de nuestra propia auto-complacencia.

Esos "sentimientos naturales" que menciona el señor Odin Dupeyron, sin importar si son positivos o negativos, a veces son y representan el verdadero espectro de aquellas limitaciones que nos impiden vernos como algo más, algo diferente a lo que nos hemos creído ser toda nuestra vida.

Personalmente sigo de cerca a una persona que de igual forma tiene una visión brutalmente honesta de la vida, y no miento cuando digo que no es fácil escucharla, no porque tenga un discurso complejo y difícil, sino porque a veces verse de forma tan sincera y honesta a uno mismo... no es fácil.

Esta persona se llama Cerise Poolman y para quienes no la conocen, les recomiendo ampliamente su material:

Practivist´s Journey to Life:

Reivsa sus entrevistas en Soundcloud:

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 912, School of Ultimate Living - Embracing Your Utmost Potential

What does 'Utmost Potential' mean? What is each person's utmost potential? How can SOUL support you to develop yourself and live your utmost potential?

After listening to this amazing interview, I could pretty much identify with what was shared in terms of how sometimes you don´t know what you are capable of until you like move yourself into the position of doing something that one thought that one will never be capable of doing. 

I mean, when I got to my process I never imagined that I could have so much passion for so many fields, like laws, psychology, communication, semiotics, linguistics and so on. And I mean it has been also a process to get to know what I am capable of, because at the first stages I will like always stumble and I will very easily give up at the first opportunity, but as I have given to myself the opportunity to develop this "words" within myself like "discipline, constancy, consistency" I will begin to understand how the things actually work, you know, those moments in which you have like just failed at something, but you look back and you see that at the very end, you have at least move a little bit and get somewhere.

I suggest you to have a look at the entire material of this series and process called SOUL (School of Ultimate Living), to give you that chance of realizing that there is much more within you that you could have ever imagined!

Youtube channel:

Mi Jornada hacia Vida, Día 911, Sex and (S) expression

I was recently hearing to this interview made by Gian Roberts check out his material

Gian Youtube channel

and his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/gian.robberts

I was like making a review of it all, you know my life, my daily habits and so on, and I found myself like without any worth or value because I couldn't like move in a relationship with other people, and so I began to work like a lot in my self image, and trying to develop or enhance some abilities to you know like get the attention from other people and I mean I got it, I got the attention that I wanted and even from girls that... I never imagined that I could had a chance with, but then I realized something and it was that I still felt with no value, in spite of it all, and I saw the people around me, and I realized that maybe I have surrounded myself of people who really don't find any value in themselves but just in that which we have given value to, I mean maybe they are just speaking to me because I look like this and I can do this and do that, but that is what we are supposed to like and felt attracted for.

So, I decided to confront like this girl who just like appeared in my world and I began to talk to her out of the fucking "pleasing, cool guy" type of thing. And I told her that I was just tired of myself you know? And she suddenly began to speak to me out of her "personality", and I found that she actually was very cool and smart and profound and... I don't know, I realized that, yeah maybe the media like tell us that we are supposed to like a certain picture or abilities or skills or whatever, but at the end, I was the one who decided to be empty, you know? Just fucking empty within myself, because instead of doing that which I value as myself and find other people who also value themselves in the same way, you know doing that cool stuff that I really like to do. I tried to pursue the fucking idea of my mind that should apparently be great and pleasant, but it is not... The sex feels the same with all the girls, it just relies on perspective accordingly to our "preferences" (our learned preferences)

I just say that, the relationship will be what one wants it to be, and we will see what we see of others accordingly to what we allow ourselves to see if ourselves and what we allow others to see of ourselves. Maybe someone is searching just for what one authentically are... But she can't find it, because she can't see it... one is not allowing her to find who you really are...

martes, 5 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 910, Revisión de Vida - "Eres Hermosa"

Recientemente compré esta entrevista en EQAFE y se encuentra dividida en 2 partes y me gustaría compartir un poco sobre los puntos que he reflexionado al escucharla:

Creo que es muy fácil caer en el error de nuestras propias ideas y creencias acerca de la bellez, tal vez debido que nos hemos acostumbrado demasiado a asumir que el mundo que vemos es realmente el mundo que "conocemos" y que éste no puede ser de otra forma, pero si vemos un poco más sinceramente en esta creencia, la realidad es que no solemos ver el mundo "como es" sino "como nosotros somos" y en base a eso comenzamos a buscar constantemente un punto de balance y normalidad para estas ideas, lo cuál al mismo tiempo y por alguna extraña razón tratamos de lograr a través de las criticas y prejuicios hacia el mundo frente a nosotros.

En esta entrevista, esta mujer comparte como desde la infancia la acostumbraron a la idea de definirse como hermosa, sin embargo, en el momento que algún juicio por parte de sus compañeros de la escuela emergería, ésto la llevaría a un conflicto consigo mismo y con estas ideas, pero sinceramente no quiero arruinarles la entrevista, así que me avocaré a las reflexiones que ésta ha traído dentro de mi mundo y mi vida.

Creo que tendría que hacer una distinción de la relación que personalmente he tenido a la palabra "hermosa/hermoso" dentro de mi vida, ésto siendo cuando la he hablado para otras personas y cuando la he hablado para mí, porque en realidad creo que personalmente siempre me pareció mucho más fácil poder relacionar esta palabra con las personas o las cosas que veía dentro de mi mundo y realidad que cuando me veía a mí mismo en el espejo por ejemplo, pero lo curioso acerca de ésto, es que cuando encontraría a una chica con una cierta apariencia física y relacionaba su apariencia con la palabra "hermosa", inmediatamente me sentiría atraído por esta chica y lo curioso es que no podría, ni me atrevería a hablarle, porque en realidad cuando yo me paraba frente al espejo, lo opuesto ocurriría, empezaría a juzgar tanto mi apariencia física que... es como si al no poder definir ese punto al cual le había dado valor como ser guapo o atractivo, entonces sería menos o inferior a la definición de "hermosa" que yo había relacionado con y hacia esa chica y por lo tanto me vería a mí mismo como "indigno" de hablarle.

Es fascinante lo mucho que una sola palabra puede hacer en nuestra mente y lo mucho que uno puede limitarse a uno mismo por una sola palabra, una palabra cuyo valor y definición son tan subjetivos, que no sólo varían sus significados y relaciones de una cultura a otra, sino tan sólo de una ciudad o una colonia a otra...

La verdadera pregunta que valdría la pena hacer es: Si la belleza es algo que sólo reside en los ojos del observador ¿Cómo puede entonces la belleza existir realmente, si sus significados pueden cambiar tanto de una persona a otra? Creo que en éste sentido, cuando compartimos algo íntimo acerca de nosotros mismos por ejemplo, cuando nos atrevemos a ser sinceros con nosotros mismos y algo de nosotros pasa a los demás cuando lo hablamos en nuestras palabras, es entonces cuando podemos empezar a encontrar un poco de la verdadera belleza más allá de la imagen. Y por supuesto las palabras son tan sólo una dimensión de ésto que puede entonces ser trasladado a las acciones, que cuando las realiza una persona, puede ser algo tan significativo que incluso motiva a los otros a actuar de la misma forma y cuando todos actúan juntos... es realmente algo hermoso.

Dense la oportunidad de invertir en ustedes mismos escuchando estas entrevistas, puede cambiar tu forma de ver el mundo o tal vez no, pero eso por supuesto, depende de la decisión del individuo.

domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 909, G-Talks Let's Talk About Racism

Racism is still an issue in today's world, how can each one of us become the change within ourselves to stop racism, we will discuss Forgiveness and Self-forgiveness as solutions, Larry Manuela will be joining me in the discussion where he will also share his perspective and what he has found.

G Talks is a special monthly edition of the DIP Hangouts with Gian Robberts from the Desteni Farm. We will look beyond the bullshit and get real with ourselves. Gian will be sharing his personal experiences and how he is moving through the bullshit (EGO) to face reality, the reality of SELF and thus the reality of what is here as a whole. This week our guest Darryl Thomas will be sharing his experiences and perspectives. Solutions will be shared to give direction and to develop self-honesty.

I also want to share a couple of Anti - Racism Videos a make some comments out of them that I believe could be supportive to develop more critical thinking around our view of the whole concept of Racism itself

On the internet you can find many Anti- Racism videos like the ones that I have placed above. So this are examples of how "modern racism" looks like in our society today and as it has been explained on the Hangout Racism is a Social and economic construct that is "learned", through the idea that anybody that does not fit with certain characteristics that we considered or regard as "normal" cannot be trusted in some way or another and why is that? If you look a little bit closer to this thought, it implies that this people has the "need" to steal because there is also an economic structure that hasn´t supported (and most probably is still not supporting) the people that does not fit with the characteristics of "normalcy" to establish an effective position of equality within the world system and this to such an extent where in the movies (of the Hollywood type) the "most dangerous" robbers, criminals, murders are mostly negros, latinos or foreigners...

As it has been mentioned in the Hangout (on the min 7:50) there is also the polarity construct in which now the Racism/Discrimination barrier turns tables and creates support for the black people (for example) but not for the white people as a form of "revenge" for the previous acts of Racism done by one group to the other.

Now, if you are of those that believe that it is an exaggeration to claim that Racism it´s still that strong and that we basically shouldn´t speak about it anymore, well let me share with you a couple of examples that I personally experienced in my country (Mexico). In several occasions when I was in a certain job, the people would constantly say to me that I am someone in which they can rely on, that I am someone that they can trust at difference of that or that man... Now I don´t want or pretend to rush into any conclusions out of that, but for me it was quite evident that the person that my bosses didn´t want to "rely on", was more due to their physical appearance or the way they look, than due to their apparent capacity to do the task that I was been trusted with, because it imply certain actions or movements with money and so on.

The thing is that, even in the countries, in which being "Latino" it´s actually and predominantly the norm... there is still a very marked and constant discrimination being done from the very Latinos against themselves, because the same structures that exist in countries like the United States for example, are being transfered or "exported" through the media that we (Latinos) consume, I mean the Racist jokes that you even hear from the Latinos to other Latinos who look a little bit "more black" or whatever... come from the movies, media, magazines and so on that they have watched in one way or another. I remember when I was in the Elementary and even Junior school, and I would hear such "jokes" or comments, and it would actually be quite weird to hear them, because I couldn´t understand why such aspects that were pointed out of the person had any relevance or value in any way whatsoever, and of course I must admit that I also participated on such jokes to "socialize" with my schoolmates, but in the end, inside oneself, there is really no explanation for them, and I remember that I was confronted by some of my schoolmates when such jokes were made, where they will ask me "why do you believe that?" and I would not have an answer for that, because there isn´t, it is just a fucking idea that came out of the T.V. without any justification at all, but after a couple of years, one begins to justify it by relating such people to an economic or social position in which they are "less or inferior" and apparently one has to protect oneself from them because they have grown in a social structure that didn´t supported them, and therefore they are in the need of stealing or cheating in one way or another. 

Of course this is not the case "always", because one can fairly say that you can see many black people or Latinos or whatever in positions of power who are very respected and supported, I mean, ok cool, but what happens with those that don´t have such positions of power? They are living such discrimination due to their economic and social position... Racism and Discrimination are constructs that came out of such economic values or ideas and they can be suffered by anyone (White, black, latino, chinese, whatever) that doesn´t have that economic support in one way or another...

We continue with this topic in post to come

sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 908, Revisión de Vida - "Fui una prostituta"

Link a la entrevista:

1a parte

2a parte


Esta es una entrevista que recientemente compré en EQAFE, viene en 2 partes y está en inglés. 

No se las voy a arruinar relatando lo que dice exactamente, y lo que voy a compartir aquí no es en forma alguna el equivalente a escuchar la entrevista. Lo que quiero compartir es lo que he reflexionado a partir de lo que he escuchado en esta entrevista, así que, les recomiendo enormemente que inviertan un poco en ustedes mismos y se den la oportunidad de comprarla, porque... sólo dire que hay pocas cosas en las que vale la pena invertir nuestro dinero es en cosas que nos hacen mejores como seres humanos, sobre todo en aquellas que nos hacen ser mejores seres humanos con aquellas que incluso dejamos de ver como seres humanos...

La mayor parte del tiempo utilizo el transporte público y tengo que cruzar por varios prostíbulos a lo largo de la ciudad. Las miradas de los hombres por supuesto son seducidas fácilmente por escotes y minifaldas, aunque hay aquellos que desvían rápidamente la mirada a veces con indiferencia y a veces por compromiso (vienen acompañados de la esposa o la novia...).

Hay algo extraño en la sonrisa de la prostituta que contempla las miradas y expresiones mudas de aquellos hombres; una sonrisa sumisa para embellecer la mercancía, otro simple producto de consumo que a su vez aguarda impaciente el momento en el que la mirada se aparta para poder romper en llanto. Esa mirada que refleja lo rápido que apartamos al individuo ofreciendo todo tipo de excusas en nuestra mente de manera pronta y expedita - "quisieron una vida fácil" - aunque no estoy seguro que tan "fácil" es recibir esas miradas lascivas, llenas de prejuicios y hasta odio, mientras que al mismo tiempo debe concederse sumisa y resignadamente el cuerpo a prácticamente cualquier persona dispuesta a pagar por éste. Es un juego cruel que jugamos la mayor parte del tiempo, y aún en las relaciones tradicionales...

Creo que para todos es muy fácil sentir lo que deseamos, sentir lo que queremos, pero no es tan fácil tratar de sentir lo que otros sienten, sobretodo cuando sabemos que es profundamente doloroso, por eso es más fácil lanzar una mirada ciega llena de estos prejuicios, que un oído atento... no sé como tendría que expresarlo, simplemente me parece un principio de absoluto sentido común.

Cierra tus ojos y abre tus oídos, aparta tu mente un momento y escucha esta entrevista sin prejuicios, podría cambiar algo o tal vez no cambiara nada, pero como sabemos eso sólo depende del individuo...