miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 904, Going up to the mountain

My give away´s are ready...

One of the Lakota´s ceremony, ( and the one for which I have been preparing myself) it´s called the "Vision Quest" which consists of going up to a mountain and staying there (without water or food) 4 days, not to meditate or create any mind bullshit, on the contrary, it is to learn to simply be. 

I know, you are wondering "why is that necessary?" Well, sincerely, it´s more an "excuse", if you prefer to call it that, to be with myself and you know actually I know that you can fairly say that it is not necessary, and I mean yes, actually it isn´t, no one is forced to go up, or to do it in any given moment of his/her life, but the thing is that I want to, I need to, because I´m tired of seeing myself like not getting serious and committed enough with my process; this is a challenge to my own commitment with myself and with my process, because when you are up there, you are alone, you actually "die" when you are up there, but you die in the sense that... you realize that everyone dies alone, no one can die for us, therefore being alone in the mountain is a challenge to yourself, to your commitment, to your stand in life and to what you are doing, and that is exactly what I am going to establish for myself once that I am there, I am going to give to myself that opportunity, to not have any distractions and only be with myself and with the nature for 4 days.

This message actually has two purposes, the first one, is of course to let everyone known that I am going to be absent for a couple of days and I will get back to my responsibilities once that I am done with what I want to do with myself, and the second one is to actually tell you to not to worry for me, I am going to be fine, there is people checking that everything is cool and if anything is necessary there is people to support, so again, don´t worry, I am going to be cool.

And of course I am going to share with you as soon as I return, what I have realized and so on. The ceremony is going to take place the day 22 (next week) and I´ll return the 26, until then, I will keep publishing and writting and you know, doing all my responsibilities and so on.

A warm hug to everyone...