viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 900, Preparing my "Give aways"

I am making a little pipe for the uncle "LA" who is going to come in a couple of weeks, and also a little gift for the auntie "I" who are going to be leading the ceremony that is going to take place...

The "give away" is a "gift" that you make for another person, it is something very special that comes "from you" to the other person. A "give away" it´s not one of those "gift cards" that you can buy for someone in a store, lol, it is something that you must "give away" to the person that you are giving it/gifting it.

I will end the preparation of this "give aways" this weekend and I am also ready for the ceremony that is going to take place... I will be sharing more about that when the moment takes place...

In the Inipi´s, as we get into the "womb of the earth", everything is dark and silent and that silence is something very important to the Indians.

Inside the Inipi, you are allowed to talk, but you have to wait your turn to talk and you have to ask for permission to talk, so that everything falls into place, meaning that, everyone has a chance to speak and you have to be very selective about your words and what you are going to share, that has been very supportive within my process, to only say what is neccesary to be said, nothing more, nothing less, otherwise you are just filling the air with bullshit, lol.

Here is a little bit of the phylosophy of the people that are going to honor us in a couple of weeks... The Lakota people.

"The importance of silence, we Indians know of silence. We are not afraid. In fact, for us it is more powerful than words.

Our elders were educated in the ways of the silence, and they transmitted this knowledge to us. Watch, listen, and then it acts, they told us. That is the way of living awake.

Watch the animals to see how take care of their offspring. Elders watch to see how they behave. See the white man to see what it wants. Always look first, with heart and mind still and then learn. When you've seen enough, then you can act without fear.

With you it is the opposite. You learn speaking. Reward children who speak more in school. In their parties everyone tries to speak. At work they are always having meetings in which all interrupt everyone, and everyone is talking about five, ten or a hundred times. And they call it 'solve a problem'. When they are in a room and there is silence, they get nervous. They have to fill the space with sounds. So they speak impulsively, even before you know what they say.

Like the white people to discuss. Not even allow the other to finish a sentence. They always interrupt. For the Indians this is very disrespectful and even very stupid. If you start talking, I'm not going to interrupt you. You will listen. Maybe stop listening to you if I don't like what you're saying. But I am not going to interrupt you. When you are done, I will take my decision on what you said, but I will not tell you if I disagree, unless it is important. Otherwise, I'll just stay quiet and I alejaré. I've said what I need to know. There is nothing more to say. But that is not enough for the majority of the white people.

People should think of his words as if they were seeds. They should plant them and then let them grow silent. Our elders taught us that the Earth is always speaking to us, but that we should remain silent to listen to it."