domingo, 6 de marzo de 2016

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 893, Digital Love...

Before reading this, it is important that you watch the full Hangout so that you are able to understand the points that I want to bring, because (obviously) what I am going to bring through, it´s related to it.

Just to add a few points to this cool Hangout I would like to aproach from the concept of the "Long distance relationships", where as you know, sometimes the conditions in which some individuals meet, doesn´t like really allows them any other form of interaction. What I believe is important about this point, as it has been mentioned within the Hangout, is how the starting point determines the quality of the relationship, independently of whether one does have the opportunity of enjoy of the presence of the other individual or not. How many times we see people going into a relationship based on the starting point of "the feeling of love" and it really ends very quickly, just as quickly as the feeling get´s done (because that´s the essence of every feeling or emotion, it cannot last forever).

Now, I am not saying that the "screen" that we like proyect on our social media isn´t most of the times more a way of hiding who we really are, than a way of really getting to know other people, yet at the same time, the screen also provides a "security zone" where for a moment these people find a way of dealing with the judgments that just like overwhelms them when they truly are in the presence of other people, and you know, the screen allows you to feel protected by the "best picture of you", and I mean I am not trying or pretending to justify it in anyway, but I believe that it is also fair to also this part, this "need" that is being satisfied is the REAL SECRET THAT HAS ALLOWED THE SUCCESS OF SUCH APPS in which it provides an space where, yes, a lot of lies can be told, but also allows other people an space to proof that they worth so much more, than just the judgments of their appearance or whatever, like you know, allowing other people to see a little bit more of you (and this I insist only if you really allow that intimiacy and trust and confidence to develop), than just the picture that one portrays.

Another point that I believe that it´s important to touch, in relation to this program that was developed in Japan (if I am not mistaken) that allows the individual to create or "pretend" to have a relationship with such program (which you can like approach it more if you watch the movie called "HER", a movie about this man that essentially begins a relationship using such program), in spite of the obvious "lose of contact with a real human" I believe that is also fair to give a look at this point from another perspective, where we see this growing search for "intimacy" in spaces that allows the people to break the social condition that is demanded from them.

Let´s think for a moment in the Victorian age. We had this highly demanding standards of... Let's call it Social personality structures in which for example a kid would be shown that he don't only should love her mom, sister, partner but to actually removed any form of sexual impulse from the word itself and within this translate such experience to the level of adoration so to speak, yet if the man felt in a particular day like not very likely to "adore" her family and wife and so on on that day, he could always go with a prostitute and pay a couple of penny's to her to release his nasty sexual impulse before damaging his family structure or the social structure.

And another principle that also it's like a "history" that actually relies like very hidden from our sight in relation to this topic, is the evolution of the sexual toys, that have come through the Victorian age and to our present day, because what the people began to realize was that actually the wife's where not being sexually satisfied due to that need of fulfilling the social condition that was expected from them, where the sexual act was only done for means of reproduction, while the man only focused on fulfilling his desires (which almost only last for 15 min, while we know that the women can just keep going and going and going).

There are two movies that I highly recommend, to be able to illustrate this point, the first one is a "Dangerous Method" and the other one is titled "Hysteria".

When we see the evolution of sexual toys today and also in countries of Japan which of course are now exporting them, it is important to look at the "new concepts" that are being sold to the entire human population. Which is like these sexual dolls that pretend to actually imitate as much as possible the skin, the texture and form of a real woman... What is this saying about our concept of relationships? I mean think about it, if the starting point by which we have been told to create relationships it´s only based on fulfilling and following our desires for having cool sexual experiences, having a dildo, would not be actually very different of pretending to have a "relationship" with a program that allows the individual to create the "perfect woman/man that they want", and where actually such virtual program may offer a higher quality relationship to the individual than the dildo itself... (of course this based or looked from the perspective of analysing the quality feedback that the individual get´s from such program).

(I will make also a blog focusing specifically in the development of this "Sexual Real Dolls")

And again, I actually have to say that I would not use a virtual program to pretend to have a relationship, I would actually and really prefer to have a real relationship with a physical individual, to develop physical and inner intimacy, trust, confidence, growth and so on, but I believe that we cannot simply close our eyes to what the people is "finding" in all of this... methods of creating relationships, because if they believe that it is "giving them something" that a normal relationship can´t, we HAVE TO LOOK CLOSER TO THAT WHICH THEY BELIEVE IT´S IMPORTANT, because if the feelings are being placed over the physical itself, it maybe is saying something about the point where our cognitive dissonance relies and where our separation from humanity actually "lies"...