miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

Mi Jornada hacia la Vida, Día 736, An excercise to change your Vision of the World

This excercise will assist and support you to change your vision of the world, this dynamic can be done by oneself alone, or it can be made in groups (if you are able to do it with anybody around you please do so, and share your results)

Please do each step as you read the instructions:

1.- Take a piece of paper and a pencil

2.- Write a list in the middle of your paper of all the things that you don´t like about other people, things that you hate, the things that you judge, alright? (please leave enough space between your phrases and the border of your piece of paper)

3.- Now, once that you have written your list, write before each phrase the words "I AM"

4.- Speak your phrases outloud and look at what emerge within you, and take note of it (if you are with someone else share your words)

5.- Now write for you, what you can see about yourself in this judgments, in this hate, in this thoughts that you have about other people and realize how actually, everything that you think about others, is what you fear, and judge and hate about yourself... Cause this entire Universe is the reflection of you... its you.