viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Some of the moments in which I experienced more fear in my life

1.- when I had to say the truth to my parents the day I stole them money

2.- When I had to face the bullies of my school

3.- when I kissed a girl for the very first time

4.- when I walked in the street and I looked at the faces of the people being everyone with a look in their eyes of sadness, anger, depression, etc...

5.- When I made something very embarassing in the school hearing at everyone laughing in front of myself

6.- The first time that I tried to commet suicide

7.- When I had sex for the very first time being that with a prostitute

8.- When I had to face my friends telling them what were my real thoughts about them

9.- when I was very young and I took a firework that explode in my hand

10.- When I break my bones for the very first time

11.- When I experience my own madness within myself with dangerous thoughts towards the people that I appreciate the most = fear of loss

12.- When I had to leave drugs

13.- When I had to forgive myself for the very first time

14.- When I was robbed with a gun pointing to myself

15.- When I am not self honest with myself and I am looking directly to the abuse that I am doing to others or to myself, but I have so much fear to stop and change, experiencing laziness within myself or anger that I continue doing it anyway

16.- When I had to recognize that I was not so smart as I believed myself to be

17.- when I saw within myself that I was the real rapist and the murderer for the very first time

18.- When I stealed a little horse from a store when I was very young

19.- When I was playing with a slingshot and I striked with a stone the eye of a little girl, having then to face all the people around me

20.- When I fighted with my sister for the very first time